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Units factory woolen yarn

The streets of Panipat are lined with cloth; trucks bursting with the stuff lumber along them. Step closer and the cloth turns out to be shredded woollen scrap, ready to be turned back into a type of yarn called shoddy. This is the castoff capital of the world. Most of it is turned into shoddy yarn, and used to make coarse blankets that are sold very cheap but are exceptionally warm.

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Tous woolen company Public Joint Stock Company. The name of Tous woolen company is one of the biggest and well recognized among major textile industry companies in Iran, since The factory plant is based in the city of Mashhad. Established in , Tous woolen company has a long background among Iran textile industries. The primary products were Dobby and Jacquard heavy fabric texture with the nominal production capacity of 2.

The factory plant in the city of Mashhad, has a substruction of 20, m 2 in a land of 8 hectares and more than employees are working. The Nominal Capital of the company is billiard Rials. Development projects. It is notable that Tous woolen company has been started car seat covers production since and over the period of 15 years the technical knowledge for the production of car seat cover with international standards have been met. More over plant and machineries have been reconstructed and equipped gradually during these 15 years in order to provide car seat covers.

Well-equipped and modern laboratory facilities to test the quality of car seat cover fabrics in this collection are provided. Machinery and equipment. Fully equipped thin spinning worsted yarn line Metric Number , based on Melanjor, gilbox, Finisher, Ring, Autoconer machines and quality test laboratory are utilized.

Advantages of Spinning Machines. Flowchart of Wool Finishing Process:. Greasy Wool. Silver Pre Dyeing Treatments. Recombing Drawing Spinning. Yarn Pre-Dyeing Operation. Weaving Knitting. Design a system and plan, by which production may be carried out in order to meet promised delivery date consistent with minimum cost and quality standard. Ensure efficient utilization of production facilities. Coordinate production activities of different departments.

Maintain an adequate and not excessive stock of raw materials; work -in-progress and of finished goods to meet production requirements and delivery schedules at the most economical level. Ensure production of right product in right quality at the right time.

Maintain flexibility in manufacturing jobs, to accommodate rush jobs or to meet Contingences manner. Ensure smooth flow of materials by eliminating, bottlenecks, if any, in production. Establish targets and check them against standards. PPC guides production department by preparing and manufacturing orders.

Spinning Plan:. In spinning, preparation of spin plan is an important component of PPC work. First we have to decide the type, quantity and quality of yarn. Then an allocation of various machineries is calculated in the spin plan. Weaving and weaving preparation - Knitting Machine. This section includes looms Dobby, Jacquard, Circular and velvet knitting machines with the total of 80 units at the rate of to wefts per minute. The capacity of 4 million m 2 worsted fabrics and car seat covers per year is available.

Troubleshooting of tissue defects on car seat cover and darning worsted fabrics are accomplished by skilled personnel in this field. The plant's is equipped by modern dyeing machines and advanced hardware and software control systems to perform dyeing process for fibers yarns and fabrics and with a total capacity of tons for 4 million m 2 of fabric per year.

This Section which is equipped with modern machines makes washing, finishing and packaging process possible for 10 million m 2 of fabrics annually. The factory is equipped with biological and industrial waste water treatment with the capacity of cubic meters per day. The treated waste water after COD and BOD controls and decolouring, is used for land irrigation of lawns and flowers for the whole campus.

Moreover, 2 Boilers with the capacity of lbs 10bar are utilized in order to provide required heat of washing and dyeing and finishing machines. Whole factory salons are equipped by fire alarm and fire system. Tous woollen company products are classified into 3 major categories :. Fabrics: include semi-worsted fabrics and worsted. The seat cover fabrics: including the production of car seat cover. Cotton production.

Company spinning products includes variety of worsted yarns 40 to 60 metric numbers which will be spinned and blended of cotton and manmade fiber polyester. Statue premier manufacturer Sapco Top Industrial unit Minister of Industries and Mines. Company Introduction.

Special yarn; four cylinders carding machine is suitable for processing special animal fibers such as cashmere and rabbit hair, and spinning low special knitting yarn and high-grade yarn. Although there are many types and models of woollen carding machines, the composition is basically the same, but the number of carding machines and bridges is more or less, or the local structure is improved.

The newly built modern knitting yarn production process of the Hamhung Woolen Textile Mill is paying off. The officials, workers and technicians there are operating the new production process well, thus mass-producing quality knitting yarn for the Hamhung Knitwear Factory and other light industrial establishments on the east coast. Under the guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and with the assistance of the Ministry of Light Industry, the party, administration and technical officials of the mill are striving hard to put the new production process on a normal basis. They have channeled efforts into supply of raw materials, organization for alternative production and management of facilities and technology and conducted positive frontline-style agitation activities for increased production among the producer masses and thus boosted output. They at the same time are paying attention to raising the level of technology and skill of technicians and skilled workers to handle the new facilities well. The officials, workers and technicians of the Knitting Yarn Workshop are registering successes in production every day.

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This book examines the interplay between trade and the environment, with a focus on the Indian textile sector. This book examines the dilemma on the basis of various approaches, including a primary survey of different stakeholders and the large-scale modelling of the economy-environment inter-linkages. The interplay between the costs involved in meeting environmental regulations and the potential price-premiums that the cleaner products would get in the international market is analysed in order to assess the future trade prospects for Indian textiles. In addition, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the present scenario of the Indian textile sector. Accordingly, it will be of great interest to researchers, policy makers and graduate students specializing in environmental economics, development economics and international economics. Incidence and Perceptions. He coordinated activities of the Centre of Excellence in environmental economics, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, at the MSE during

Updated Yarn Knitting Production Process Pays Off

Excellent quality wool yarn from Hebei Cashmere factory, Supplier of wool yarn products from China. Price is 16 per unit. Product will be delivered in 5 days days. Minimum order quantity is 50kg and Shipping port is China. Excellent quality mink cashmere yarn from Hebei Cashmere factory, Supplier of mink cashmere yarn products from China.

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Reviewed: June 11th Published: August 28th Textile Manufacturing Processes. Textile fibers provided an integral component in modern society and physical structure known for human comfort and sustainability. Man is a friend of fashion in nature. The desire for better garment and apparel resulted in the development of textile fiber production and textile manufacturing process. Primarily the natural textile fibers meet the requirements for human consumption in terms of the comfort and aesthetic trends. Cotton, wool, and silk were the important natural fibers for human clothing articles, where cotton for its outstanding properties and versatile utilization was known as the King Cotton. The advancement of fiber manufacturing introduced several man-made fibers for conventional textile products; however, cotton is to date a leading textile fiber in home textiles and clothing articles.

Introductory Chapter: Textile Manufacturing Processes

ASTM's textile standards provide the specifications and test methods for the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of textiles, fabrics, and cloths, as well as the natural and artificial fibers that constitute them. The textiles covered by these standards are commonly formed by weaving, knitting, or spinning together fibers such as glass fiber strands, wool and other animal fibers, cotton and other plant-derived fibers, yarn, sewing threads, and mohair, to name a few. These textile standards help fabric and cloth designers and manufacturers in testing textiles to ensure acceptable characteristics towards proper end-use. Additive Manufacturing Standards.

Wool in India. Indian Wool Industry. The woollen industry in the country is small in size and widely scattred.

Jiangsu Jianlu Group is a national large-scale worsted wool textile enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and a national contract-stressing and trustworthy enterprise; our "Jianlu" and "New Jianlu" trademarks are the well-known trademark in China. Established in , our Group now has 2, employees, CNY 1 billion of total assets and branches of worsted woollen fabrics, top, yarn, wool sweaters, clothing, and leather shoes. With the capacity of an annual outputs of 10 million meters of worsted woollen fabrics, 5, tons of tops, 3, tons of yarns, 1 million pieces of sweaters, 1. At the same time, we are also a manufacturer of export-oriented products, which are well sold in dozens of countries including UK, Germany, Italy, and the United States, etc. Jianlu has served as a specialized manufacturer of worsted woollen fabrics for more than 30 years; therefore our company owns complete facilities including a province-level engineering and technology research center, a province-level enterprise technology center, a province-level postdoctoral workstation, and a graduate student workstation. As an AAA-grade credit enterprise, we own the licenses of import and export business and wool import operation right; moreover, we are successfully certificated to ISO quality system and ISO environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system. Over the years, our Group has achieved remarkable results both in the construction of two civilizations. Jianlu has been rated as a Civilized Unit in Jiangsu Province for more than ten years in succession, and has been awarded the title of "Quality and Efficiency Type of Advanced Enterprise" by the China National Textile Federation, as well as Top Enterprise in the national wool textile industry of China for Sales revenue and Competitiveness. Main products: tops, yarns, wool sweaters, worsted woolen fabrics, clothing and leather shoes.

The Portland Woolen Mills were a wool textile manufacturer in the St. Ahmad Al Tazi Rockwool Factory is leading rock wool manufacturing and supplying.

Aran Woollen Mills

We knit garments from various type of yarns: wool lambs wool, merino wool, alpaca wool and etc. Each piece is individually quality checked at each production stage and a final check before dispatch ensuring each garment adheres to an exceptional high standard, meeting both yours and your customers requirements. If its knitted, we can make it. Only thing you have to do is design, and we will bring your ideas to life. Zina knitting offers a complete development and manufacturing facility from sampling to bulk production. We take care with every garment which leaves our workshop and are proud to supply knitwear designers all over the Europe. Our own manufacturing unit allows us on average a weekly output of around 1, garments.

Wool Factory

Our main priority is our superior quality. Most of our Big Bulking clients are loyal. Thus, we intend to provide them with a much more additional services. We aim to improve our customise service and we also will be following the changes in trend every single month. We see things in a different angle.

In Panipat, the world’s ‘castoff capital’, business hangs by a thread

As with many discoveries of early man, anthropologists believe the use of wool came out of the challenge to survive. In seeking means of protection and warmth, humans in the Neolithic Age wore animal pelts as clothing.

Dale Factory Group was founded in after Peder Jebsen discovered the great rivers and waterfalls around the valley of Dale. Textile production at Dale has included hat factories, spinning mills, weaving mills, woolen yarn production, home textiles and bedding production. The company and its fabrics are now known by the Daletec brand.

For many years, we have worked hard to build strong, long-term relations with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and transparency. This allows us to disclose the names, names, locations as well as some additional information of their factories without major concerns about the ongoing competition on the best available production capacity in our industry. On the contrary, our experience shows that this step incentivises our suppliers for increasingly taking ownership over their sustainability and that it recognises the progress they make.

We supply over 1 million kgs. Europa Wools Limited is a family owned business established in as merchants, stockists and processors of wool and textile fibres. Our expertise, which now spans more than 30 years, has enabled us to become a major player in the world textile industry. We aim to know about every kind of textile fibres available, where to source it at the most competitive price, anticipating customer demand and stocking a range of fibres to meet their requirements.

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