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Space industry editions for the Blind

Bidgoli was selected as the California State University, Bakersfield's Professor of the year. The Internet Encyclopedia in a 3-volume reference work on the internet as a business tool, IT platform, and communications and commerce medium. Gender and Internet Usage. Global Diffusion of the Internet.

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MIT Students Invent Simple Device that Makes Printed Text Accessible to the Blind

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: The New Space Race - For The Commercial Space Industry

Bidgoli was selected as the California State University, Bakersfield's Professor of the year. The Internet Encyclopedia in a 3-volume reference work on the internet as a business tool, IT platform, and communications and commerce medium. Gender and Internet Usage.

Global Diffusion of the Internet. Guidelines for a Comprehensive Security System. Health Insurance and Managed Care. Law Enforcement. Legal Social and Ethical Issues. Library Management. Linux Operating System. Load Balancing on the Internet. Local Area Networks. Machine Learning and Data Mining on the Web. Health Issues. History of the Internet. Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Human Resources Management. Information Quality in Internet and Ebusiness Environments. Intelligent Agents. Interactive Multimedia on the Web. International Cyberlaw. International Supply Chain Management.

Internet Architecture. Internet Censorship. Internet Etiquette Netiquette. Internet Literacy. Internet Navigation Basics Services and Portals. Internet Security Standards. Intrusion Detection Techniques. Inventory Management. JavaBeans and Software Architecture. Knowledge Management. Managing a Network Environment. Marketing Communication Strategies. Marketing Plans for Ecommerce Projects. Medical Care Delivery.

Mobile Devices and Protocols. Mobile Operating Systems and Applications. Nonprofit Organizations. Online Auction Site Management. Online Communities. Online Dispute Resolution. Online News Services Online Journalism. Online Public Relations. Online Publishing. Open Source Development and Licensing. Organizational Impact. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC lab in the United States. He is the author of 43 textbooks, 27 manuals, and over four dozen technical articles and papers on various aspects of computer applications, e-commerce, and information systems, which have been published and presented throughout the world.

Bidgoli also serves as the editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia of Information Systems. Global Issues. Law Firms. Mobile Commerce. Online Auctions. Online Religion. Online Stalking. Hossein Bidgoli.

StartUp Europe Awards presents an award methodology for startups at local, regional, national and European level that encourages open innovation and collaboration between different actors in the European ecosystem, through public-private partnerships to support entrepreneurs. It also creates a network of contacts that will inspire and give visibility to all local startups so that, using this network, they can scale their services and products globally.

That's a huge barrier for blind children who dream of going to space, but it doesn't mean they can't get a small taste of what it's like to go out into the cosmos. Michael Hardy. Laura Mallonee. The camp, which is held each fall at the US Space and Rocket Center, draws roughly kids from more than 10 countries, including the Bahamas, Israel, and New Zealand. For nearly a week, the campers wear flight suits and sleep in tiny rooms packed with bunk beds and a single shared locker. There's no freeze-dried ice cream, but the cafeteria serves up an international menu—Belgian lunches, Russian dinners, that kind of thing—in homage to member countries of the International Space Station.

The Camp in Alabama Bringing Outer Space to the Blind

It consists of concerts, workshops for musicians from Poland and abroad, meetings with legendary artists, a competition for young bands and live album releases. Check out our festival teaser! Film by: Luminaris. Unfortunately Marble Arch cancelled their winter tour, including their SpaceFest performance.

Spain will be represented by 17 startups in the Eurovision of Startups

From concerns over blue light to digital strain and dryness , headlines today often worry how smartphones and computer screens might be affecting the health of our eyes. Since Victorian times people have been concerned about how new innovations might damage eyesight. In the s, the rise of mass print was both blamed for an increase in eye problems and was responsible for dramatising the fallibility of vision too. In , an article in The Morning Post newspaper proposed that:. The culture of the eyes and efforts to improve the faculty of seeing must become matters of attentive consideration and practice, unless the deterioration is to continue and future generations are to grope about the world purblind.

At a. The concept, called Tactile, secured first place and a Microsoft sponsorship.

JAWS " Job Access With Speech " is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille display. There are two versions of the program: the Home edition for non-commercial use and the Professional edition for commercial environments. The JAWS Scripting Language allows the user to use programs without standard Windows controls, and programs that were not designed for accessibility. JAWS was originally released in by Ted Henter , a former motorcycle racer who lost his sight in a automobile accident. Petersburg, Florida. Joyce sold his interest in the company back to Henter in A feature unique to JAWS at the time was its use of cascading menus, in the style of the popular Lotus application. What set JAWS apart from other screen readers of the era was its use of macros that allowed users to customize the user interface and work better with various applications.

This 14-Year-Old Science Fair Winner Just Solved Blind Spots

As the Department of Justice has started cracking down more on websites and apps that fail to meet requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act, more companies—notably, healthcare companies —are having to ask themselves this very question. Sadly, the answer is pretty bleak, especially when you consider healthcare consumers who are blind and visually impaired. From drugstore to insurance companies to hospitals, websites that are supposed to share healthcare information tend to hide it from those who need visual assistance. One of the most common ways this happens is when a company clutters its webpages with so much information that it makes it difficult for someone using a screen reader a software application that detects text on a computer screen and converts it into synthesized speech or a screen magnifier a third-party software program that provides powerful magnification of text on a screen to decipher the information.

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Over , of the car crashes that occur on U. Despite over a century of the constantly improving automobile, there's still no perfect fix for blind spots that the auto industry has uniformly accepted. But that might be about to change thanks to an ingenious solution from an unlikely engineering hero who can't even drive. Alaina Gassler, 14, of West Grove, Pennsylvania has designed a technology that makes the A-frame pillars of a car "see-through" by using projectors that cast images of what's really behind them onto their surfaces. It's not just a fix for the rear blind spots, but also a solution for the front. If a pedestrian is crossing the street in front of your vehicle, for example, Gassler's invention makes it so that you can see live footage of the person crossing the street through the A-frame with cameras, making them sort of "ghost pillars," she tells Popular Mechanics. Gassler says it usually takes her a while to find an inspiration for science fair projects each year, but this idea came to her organically when her grandmother scraped the paint from the side of her car after hitting a pole that was in her blind spot. Newer vehicles do have blind spot monitors that show a yellow or orange blip in the side mirrors when a car enters that no-man's-land, but drivers can still miss objects in their blind spots up front if the A-frame pillars that support the windshield are especially thick. Since Gassler couldn't just get rid of those pillars, as they're key to the structural integrity of the car and provide protection in the event of a rollover accident, she decided to make them "invisible," in a sense, by using an internal roof-mounted projector that can show live images of what's being blocked by the pillars. The projector is just part of her initial prototype to prove out her concept, says Gassler.

Apr 25, - “We narrowed it down to making something Braille, something that could help visually impaired individuals.” After 15 grueling hours of.

Healthcare websites are the worst for people who need them the most

Myers was one of 11 men specifically recruited by Dr. Ashton Graybiel to help test the feasibility of human spaceflight, at a time when nobody knew whether the human body could withstand a trip beyond our atmosphere. For nearly a decade, the US Navy put 11 men through countless tests. Four of the men spent 12 straight days inside a foot room that rotated constantly. In another experiment, they were sent out to notoriously rough seas off the coast of Nova Scotia. On the boat, the men played cards while the researchers were so overcome with seasickness that they had to cancel the test and go home. In fact, they would never be allowed. They were recruited for these tests for the exact reason they would never pass the NASA astronaut qualification exams: All 11 men were deaf. Ten out of the 11 men had become deaf because of spinal meningitis, an infection of the fluid in the spinal cord.

It’s Time to Rethink Who’s Best Suited for Space Travel

The magazine is printed six times a year and publishes a blog and online commentary weekly at www. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced without written consent of the publishers. All trademarks that appear in this publication are the property of the respective owners. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, however, Medauras Global and the Diplomatic Courier magazine make no warranties, express or implied in regards to the information, and disclaim all liability for any loss, damages, errors, or omissions.

JAWS (screen reader)

Mark Paterson. Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb, yet often it is overlooked. The Senses of Touch examines the role of touching and feeling as part of the fabric of everyday, embodied experience.

Robert Hutchins 7 days ago Highlight , Marketing Views. Through the new launch, the brand is looking to utilise its over 60 year heritage of innovating in the fashion doll sector with a whole new angle on the market. Colour Reveal taps into key trends that kids enjoy and encourages imagination as they dip the doll in water to reveal facial features, hair colour, and a fun printed bodysuit.

Employee burnout and stress is a big problem in the average American workplace, but it's especially true among some of the country's biggest tech companies, many of which have famously rigorous workplace cultures that often encourage long hours , favor young people , and sometimes require unreasonably high levels of productivity. Blind , a message board app created for employees to talk about work anonymously, surveyed more than 11, employees at 30 of the biggest tech companies to find out just how many of them feel burnt out by their work. Blind's findings show that overall, more than half

This is the 17th Annual volume in the series collecting the presentations and discussion from the Annual Fordham IP Conference. This volume, in common with its predecessors, makes a valuable and lasting contribution to the discourse in IP law, as well as trade and competition law. The contents, while always informative, are also critical and questioning of new developments and policy concerns.

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