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Space factory technological equipment for foundry

Space factory technological equipment for foundry

Offered products are manufactured using the best grade raw material and advanced technology at our hi-tech manufacturing in compliance with the set industry norms. The entire range is widely appreciated among our esteemed clients due to its low maintenance, corrosion resistance , sturdiness, high durability, optimum finish and reliability. Clients can avail these products from us at market leading prices. The structure that is typical is a 4 part body the driver's head consists of a sole plate, a crown, face, and hosel.

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Yichalewal Goshime. It has six broad chapters. The first section discussed about the existing problems of the factory related to productivity. Objectives were clearly stated, its scope was delimited and the expected outcome of the study was briefly highlighted.

The second chapter elaborated about principal operations of textile industries, failures of textile machineries, causes of failures and their remedies. In the third section the basic foundry practices starting from design till inspection were explained together with foundry equipments and tools.

Following this, the principal data which are crucial to analyze the problem questionnaires, interviews, observation and secondary data , were collected, presented, analyzed, interpreted and their findings were summarized.

In the fifth section, the basic equipments and tools of jobbing foundry were identified followed by layout design and cost estimation. Finally, outcomes of the study were concluded and possible measures were recommended by the researcher. The problems together countries, like Ethiopia. Furthermore, the scope and limitation of the take large share of the market in foreign exchanges. Industries whether they Textile is one of the manufacturing industries that range are large, medium or small scale, have great role for fast from micro- to large-scale units.

For instance; understood mainly in two ways. Secondly, it can also refer to manufacturing and supplying agricultural machineries the whole complex of textile including and equipments. The sector, apart from the exchange by exporting internationally accepted products provision of clothing and other textile products, has and hence they contribute a lot for the Gross Domestic served the population by providing employment Product GDP of a country.

In addition to this, they give opportunities. The tremendous backward and forward job opportunity for citizens which have a great linkages of the textile sector make it unique from other contribution for minimizing unemployment. Beginning types of manufacturing. Most different market yarn and fabrics as outputs. The factory developed nations have gone far beyond agricultural lies on ,m2 land of which 80,m2 is covered by activity and they have played a major role in political, construction and major of the rest is free space for social and economical issues of the world via industrial expansion.

The theoretical capacity of the company was revolution. That is, most of the productivity. Even though some spares establishment of foundry workshop at are available from other suppliers, they are expensive and Kombolcha textile factory.

Lack of sufficient raw materials, with the Data collection: primary data this includes required quality and optimum price, and unwise industry survey, peer discussion, interviews and utilization of resources i. Even though lack of sustainable and defect-free supply of To analyze the impact of establishment of spare parts are critical problems of all manufacturing foundry workshop on the overall quality and industries of Ethiopia , the scope of this study is productivity of the company.

There are financial and time problems to assess all To identify the root causes for the frequent industrial sectors in general and textile factories of breakage of textile machineries and lack of Ethiopia in particular. Since Kombolcha is an industrial town, it is possible to To show the significance of establishment of get sufficient information for the study. Currently, the management of Kombolcha textile To utilize metal scraps and chips as an input for factory are willing to assist researchers who are in a foundry work and enhance efficient resource position to conduct research in their plant.

To suggest appropriate foundry workshop d. The outcome of the study will be beneficial for all other together with its necessary equipments, tools and textile and any manufacturing industries of Ethiopia.

To show economical benefits of the company from the foundry workshop establishment. Another looms which perform interlacing of warp and weft limitation of the study is shortage of financial capacity threads to form a fabric.

Different models are which limits the researcher to observe only Kombolcha manufactured by different suppliers; some of them are: Textile Factory and Bahir Dar Textile Share Company. UTAS, Versamat, etc… Among these models, the most The other important point that has been considered as widely used model in Ethiopian Textile Factories is drawback of the research is that some respondents may Versamat model. Common spare parts which have been not give realistic responses.

To minimize the risk and employed in these machineries are: keys, cups, washers, assure the validity of the questions, an explanatory bearings, flanges, shafts, rotors, frames, pulleys, survey was conducted on almost all areas and the armatures, spacers, rings, spur gears, clutches, springs, questionnaire had been revised several times before being discs, cams, shedding boxes, bevel gears, worm gears, administered.

Absence of recent information and lack of worm shafts, sprockets, cranks, belts, etc. The main reason for their failures includes; wear and tear, lack of regular maintenance schedule, obsolescence of 7. Usually these spare Textile manufacturing is the process of converting textile parts are produced by metal casting, machining and raw materials in to use full products such as clothes. Among the listed manufacturing process Clothes are made of cotton, wool, silk, etc Cotton leads casting is more preferable from the perspectives of cost, the first place in textile engineering.

For the first time time as well as labor. Even though Egypt was the first country for producing quality cotton Finishing machineries for washing, cleaning, wringing, fibre, at that time the country was not well known in drying, ironing, pressing including fusing presses , IJSER textile production.

Instead, America and Europe lead the bleaching, dyeing, dressing, finishing, coating or sector. Lately, the Far East Asian countries have taken the impregnating textile yarns, fabrics or made up textile first rank in textile engineering by integrating their high articles include sniggering and designing machines, dryer number of population with their medium technology. Farmers and include: rollers, bevel gears, spur gears, worm gears, investors have cultivated cotton for country consumption worm shafts, pulleys, etc.

Besides, there are textile industries in Ethiopia, such as Kombolcha Textile Factory that uses The main reason for their failures includes; wear and tear, cotton fibre as inputs so as to produce textile products.

Usually these spare industries. In any case, the consumption of cloth has been parts are produced by metal casting, machining and increasing with human civilization. In most textile metal forming. Among the listed manufacturing process industries, there are three main sections, i. Again each section is time as well as labor. All of the above textile machineries divided into sub-sections. Machines which are used to perform spinning, doubling As we know spare parts are parts identical to the parts of or twisting and reeling or winding are blending feeder, a machine which need replacement due to wear and tear, auto mixer, six step cleaner, horizontal opener, case failure of the part, drop in the efficiency of the part, etc.

They may as spur gears, sprockets, pulleys, keys, shafts, pins, rack look small and appear cheaper than the machine or raw and pinion, drums, levers, beaters, etc…The main reason material, but they play a vital role in maintaining, for their failures includes; wear and tear, lack of regular ensuring and reinforcing the reliability of any equipment.

Some of common spares of spinning machineries and a ring spinning machine are illustrated in the following table and picture respectively. Those documents include: and interviews. Current status of the company, Work habit of employees. Encountered problems, causes and possible solutions, d. Existing condition of mechanical work shop, f. Treatments of chips and scraps The target populations for questionnaire were classified g. Past experiences in foundry practices and in to two categories as employees of the plant under h.

Establishment of foundry workshop. From employees both permanent, contract and temporary 9. Again 9. Besides, the best fitted to give tangible feedback for the study. The current productivity and status of the company is inefficient due to lack of spares which increase down 8. Actually there are some respondents about 5. By the end of E. C, the questions for Head of Budget and Cost Management and company has planned to upgrade its productivity by sixteen questions for Head of Engineering Department.

C , it was clearly seen that the annual expense of the company is greater than its income, i. However, the workshop has not been working previous year. Unless problem of spares are avoided and with its full capacity due to absence of design sections, down time of textile machineries are minimized it is lack of well equipped foundry workshop and difficult to improve productivity. The performance of obsolescence of machineries. Moreover, the spares that textile machineries is usually low due to lack of have been manufactured in the workshop do not satisfy sustainable and defect-free supply of spares and the required mechanical property.

Nevertheless, these obsolescence of machineries. During site visit, the can be solved by offering training for workers, recruiting researcher has also observed that there are excess areas better skilled professionals, repairing damaged machines, where successive breakdown of textile machineries have controlling raw materials quality and strengthening heat been occurred. Regarding customer satisfaction, the treatment process.

All spares have not been produced company had produced only From 0. From the site observation it has clearly seen lack of quality awareness, obsolescence of textile that chips and scraps have been improperly stored and machineries, lack of good management system and there is no wise resource utilization which has high employees have not been motivated through incentives contribution for environmental pollution.

Nevertheless, it was not satisfactory both in maintenance program, replace old machines by new, quantity as well quality. This can be improved by organizing the mechanical workshop with well-equipped reorganizing the overall structure of mechanical machineries and skilled labor, extending the scope of the workshop with appropriate equipment, human power market, privatize the company, and establishing research and other physical facilities.

Consequently; it saves million birr. The estimated total consumption of spares labor, time and money; serves as income generating of the company which can be manufactured through department for the company; minimizes problems of casting is about Hence, there is high demand both in the utilization and has great contribution on the prevention company as well as from external clients. Casting of steel bars will not be done in the short term plan of the company as they The productivity of these companies is inefficient due to need high investment capital, better skilled professionals lengthy procurement system and high cost.

Moreover, and well equipped machineries, equipments and they are unable to manufacture spares within their laboratories. However, the production of spares using workshop due to lack of financial capacity and skilled steel can be improved and strengthened through proper man power. They assured that if the mechanical heat treatment process and product inspection. Whether 9. In addition to this, basic features of any plant tester, tensile strength testing machine, etc Next to this, layout analysis of the pattern maker; skill-gap training centre; well-equipped proposed foundry workshop was conducted by heat treating sections; appropriate foundry materials such considering the fundamental elements of project layout.

In expansions were clearly identified and affinities of each addition to this, research works should be conducted to pair of departments were also analyzed. Lastly, expected total cost of the new workshop was done by analyzing material cost, labor cost and other expenses 9.

Last year, a year-young Foundry set off to Slush with several Combient companies organizing a gathering for all the startups relevant to our fields. The event was a great success and not surprisingly prompted plans to attend again this year. Slush is once again around the corner, and the Nordic tech scene is buzzing with anticipation.

Additive manufacturing, 3D printing and simulation software may be amongst the fastest evolving areas of metalworking and casting technology. Even more impressive are the real changes that these technologies makes possible for foundries. And yes they are forcing companies — foundries and manufacturing operations — to constantly re-evaluate their manufacturing processes, especially in this era where costs, accuracy, quality and on time delivery are more likely to be discussed before the actual manufacturing process. Foundry and pattern making practice are two of the principle crafts or arts comprising the metal industry.

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From exhaust regulations and flying taxes to a ban on plastic bags - the aspect of environmental protection has arrived in politics and society. But not only end consumers need to implement sustainable processes — foundries are also affected by this development. Foundries are energy-intensive companies. As a result of ever stricter legal requirements, foundries need to deal with the aspects of resource efficiency and environmental protection. According to the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry BDG , the term sustainability does not only cover environmental issues, but also economic and social factors. Therefore, foundries have to take a wide range of challenges if they want to optimize their production processes.

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Engineering company SLT Modern Foundry Technologies LLC is well experienced in the designing of modern foundries in the CIS countries, specializes in the engineering and management of the tailor-made projects for foundries and complete factories for a new and to be renovated productions. The projects are executed up to the stage of the responsibility for the ready for dispatch castings with required quality and work conditions. All the works are based on the innovative technologies and equipment. SLT provides complete foundry solution, carries out projects with "turnkey" concept, including "everything from one source" supply and commissioning of the following equipment: melting plants, sand preparation plants, complete automatic moulding lines for green sand process, automatic moulding lines for no-bake processes, no-bake sand reclamation plants, core shooters, automatic core making lines, design of the cores and moulds pattern and tooling, vibratory equipment and conveyors, automatic pouring systems, shotblasting machines for cleaning and shot peening, degatinghydraulic foundry wedges, cleaning and grinding machines and manipulators, scrap and runner crushers, thermal treatment ovens, industrial manipulators, dust control equipment, sand testing and metals laboratory equipment.

Based on the material research expertise, Baimtec has developed the most advanced titanium casting technologies. Baimtec is the major titanium casting supplier in China , and also one of the largest titanium golf club head casting suppliers worldwide.

Established as a provider of spinning technology to Indian textile mills, the company is a leading textile machinery manufacturer in India and one among the few in the world to offer complete spinning solution to the customers. The Company is a recognized name in the CNC machine space offering the entire range of CNC lathes and machining centres to leading corporates in India. The Company leverages its engineering expertise to develop components for the highly complex aerospace sector. It caters to the domestic market as well as exports products to the Asian and Oceanic regions. This notification is to inform you that our telephone numbers have changed, kindly update your contact information. Textile Machinery Division Established as a provider of spinning technology to Indian textile mills, the company is a leading textile machinery manufacturer in India and one among the few in the world to offer complete spinning solution to the customers. Read More.

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Discover all the products from Omega foundry machinery and see a list of their distributors. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of British casting machinery. Omega Sinto has become a world-class manufacturer of chemically bonded sand equipment, offering a wide range of products which includes sand mixers, mould handling equipment, core making machines, shakeouts, sand reclamation plants, coating plants.

ST delivers specialized and differentiated imaging solutions for a variety of applications, leveraging extensive expertise in optical modules and image sensors and a continuously expanding portfolio of proprietary technologies. These services let you address innovative opportunities with support for both low- and high-volume projects.

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May 7, - „We can abandon 45 years of experience in investment casting, at least This is exactly the point where the development of MK Technology is brought into action. As Rapid Prototyping was the main focus, a „mini-factory“ for the fast In Germany the manufacturer of sewing machines, Pfaff, was the first.

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TechX Fab Lab offers membership options to access and use the largest fabrication space with the most advanced technologies to conduct complete product lifecycle activity from design through prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment, and repair. Our intent is to not only provide lifecycle technologies, but also provide the technologies and tools needed to launch startups through marketing, media, and other signage capabilities. We provide our members with experienced foreman and machinists who lead courses and certification programs on using equipment but also assist our members to achieve their goals. Our members will have access to millions of dollars of traditional and advanced capital equipment for just a daily, weekly, monthly or annual fee. Along with the Fabrication Space for equipment, we provide our TechX Fab Lab members with additional areas to expand their activities such as:.

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The heart of every foundry is the melting furnace in which the metal is liquefied. These furnaces use different technologies to melt the material. The aim of every furnace, however, is to consume as little heat and fuel as possible. When purchasing a melting furnace, several factors must be taken into account. Foundries clarify the following questions in advance:. Lenaal also had to deal with these questions and decided in favor of the Westomat, which convinced the automotive and electronics supplier with its reliable dosing technology, excellent service and fast supply of insert parts. The second step is to select a melting furnace.

To stay afloat, the technique—greatly defined by the site equipment—needs to be updated to maintain efficiency, safety, energy use and overall comfort. Rotary […]. Drum roll …Rotary drums now come in two options. One series uses the traditional method, an inner drum shell, to convey material.

In , the company decided to more than triple its overall capacity by building a completely new, additional Jiujiang facility in Jiangxi province, China, with a projected annual casting output of 26, tons. Construction began in August , with the first production castings appearing only six months later in February Occupying minimum factory floor space, while delivering rapid, flexible and low-cost production, the new foundry specialises in the casting and processing of compressor parts and automotive parts, such as cylinders, bearings and other components. The technology delivered by Norican is already hitting its targets for productivity and scrap elimination.

In June , Etienne Chavanne, a mechanic, opens his first foundry in Saint-Chamond Loire, France where he specializes in the manufacture of mill cylinders in tempered cast iron. Because of production growth and the lack of available space in Saint-Chamond, a new workshop is built in Montbrison in Secim rises to global dimensions by working with steel companies across the world.

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