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Product fabrication drinking water

Product fabrication drinking water

Murdock Manufacturing, a United States-based, independently run family business, is celebrating years of delivering clean and safe drinking water to cities and towns across the U. Back in when John G. Murdock Sr. Ahead of its time, Murdock Manufacturing opened its first offices in Cincinnati and started engineering and manufacturing a line of frost-free hydrants. Many of those early hydrants are still in use today because of their simple design and heavy-duty features.

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Provide Feedback. Manufacturer and distributor of drinking water treatment plants. Applications include arsenic removal, chemical feed and control, disinfection, disinfection by-products removal, dissolved metals removal, fluoridation, hexavalent chrome removal, hydrogen sulfide removal, mercury removal, perchlorate removal, softening - hardness removal, taste and odor control, TOC reduction, VOC removal, water filtration, water quality analyzers and process control.

Design, integration, and installation services for water treatment plants for the drinking water industries. Specification includes 5 gpm to 5 mgd rated flow rate capacity. Available with inorganic and radionuclide contaminant treatment, composite and carbon steel tank material construction, and skid-mounted structural features.

Turnkey systems integrator and custom manufacturer of manufacturing facilities, processing systems, acid recovery systems and environmental control systems. Capabilities include design, engineering, fabrication, construction and installation. Offerings include fume scrubbers and exhaust systems, bulk storage facilities, piping systems, chemical delivery systems, wastewater treatment systems and chemical milling and etching systems.

Acid recovery systems include diffusion dialysis acid purification systems, vacuum evaporators, distillation and fractionation systems and acid filtration systems.

Areas of expertise include architectural, biochemical, chemical, electrical, environmental, geological, instrumentation, mechanical and structural engineering. Inspection and testing of bulk storage facilities, piping systems and secondary containment systems is available.

Manufacturer of standard and custom packaged industrial plant drinking water treatment equipment and systems. Products offered are diesel fuel coalescing filters, potable and sanitary water pressure sets, vent odor filters, reclamation and reuse systems, and BOP protectors with various features and specifications. Capabilities include in-house engineering, design, and fabrication. Replacement parts and technical support services are available. Serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, oil and gas, beverage manufacturing, military, commercial marine, and land-based industries.

ISO certified. Design, manufacture, installation and operation of wastewater treatment facilities utilizing rotating biological contactors RBCs for communities, mining and construction camps and remote areas.

Products include packaged potable water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, wastewater systems, lift pumping stations, bins, tanks and material handling equipment. Manufacturer of drinking water treatment plants. Custom plants are available. Custom manufacturer of drinking water treatment plants available with 1, gal. Design, fabrication and installation of municipal chambered UV drinking water treatment plants.

Available with 7 gpm to 20 gpm flow rate capacity and operating pressure up to psi. Features vary depending upon model and include L electropolished stainless steel vessels, flanged connections, inlet types, MNPT fittings, high output or amalgam lamps, automatic cleaning and on board audible lamp out alarms. UV monitoring system, solenoid shut off valves and sleeve wipers options also offered.

Suitable for home well, cottage, camp, business and other applications. Serves the residential and commercial industries. Made in the USA. Custom design, manufacturing, and installation services of municipal drinking water treatment equipment, specifically degasifiers. Capable of stripping hydrogen sulfide from millions of gallons of water per day and cleansing of VOCs, THM, carbon dioxide, and other compounds.

Manufacturer of house water conditioning and treatment systems. Products include water softeners and filters. Application includes removing chlorine, metals, and hazardous contaminates, magnetic water treatment, industrial treatment, and hard water problems. Ranging in size from the handheld MSR purifier to systems large enough to treat water for a major municipality. Manufacturer of sustainable energy solutions and systems. Products include anaerobic digester systems, biological reactors, power-from-waste solutions and fuel cells.

Services include agricultural wastewater designing, engineering, bio-engineering, power generation and resource and utility management. Markets served include breweries, beverage and food processors, dairy, sugar mills and ethanol distilleries. Industrial water treatment system testing and maintenance services.

Suitable for use in water filtration, water softener, dealkalizer, demineralizer, reverse osmosis system, and ultra pure water system applications. Serves the commercial, pharmaceutical, municipal, power plant, beverage, and residential industries. A wide range of pre-engineered as well as custom engineered solutions available for all water purification needs. Custom manufacturer of drinking water treatment plants. Installation of clarifiers, aeration tanks, sand filters, generators, pre-treatment facilities and other products also available.

Various capabilities include design and built, construction, shearing, punching and cutting. Commercial, medical, non-profit market and environmental industries served. Custom manufacturer of water treatment plants for drinking water. Various types of treatments include coarse and fine screening, flocculation and settling, filtration, ozonation and chlorination. Water sources include ground water, surface water, seawater and treated wastewater for reducing water turbidity, managing microbiological quality and optimizing disinfection.

Distributor of drinking water treatment plants. Chlorinators, sulfonators, ammoniators, municipal treatment systems and residential treatment systems are available. Products also include screen filters, disc filters, settleable solids from liquid removing filters, floating organics removal filters, media filters, odor filtering vent filters and descalers.

Distributor of water disinfection systems including water treatment plants. Mfr's rep. Various products available include valves, electric actuators, automation control systems and pump systems.

Meets ISO standards. Designer, manufacturer and installer of wastewater treatment plants for the municipal, industrial and commercial markets. Products include packaged wastewater treatment plants. Available with gal. Three year warranty. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

Apply Qualifications Close. Related Categories. Company Type Manufacturer. Custom Manufacturer. Service Company. Manufacturers' Rep. Turnkey Systems Integrator. ISO Veteran Owned. Six Sigma. OHSAS Product Detail Capabilities Profile. Search Within Results. Locations Served Arizona. California - North.

California - South. Massachusetts - East. New Jersey - North. New Jersey - South. New Mexico. North Carolina. Pennsylvania - East. Pennsylvania - West. South Carolina. Texas - North. Texas - South. Water Treatment Plants: Drinking Water manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Water Treatment Plants: Drinking Water.

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Routledge Bolero Ozon. Fabrication and Welding Engineering.

Envirogen offers a sophisticated portfolio of technology to help manufacturers across a broad range of industries improve product quality, reduce costs and meet environmental targets. What distinguishes the solutions that we provide are our process design capability and experience and the ability to develop long-term, low lifecycle cost answers to your manufacturing and environmental challenges. Our experience also includes the management of storm water collection and treatment systems for several large facilities. We work closely with our clients to optimize their treatment systems and reduce the quantity of waste generated, thereby reducing project costs. As experienced environmental professionals, Envirogen personnel are seasoned veterans in dealing with all aspects of industrial wastewater treatment.

Equipment for Manufacturing Soft Drinks

Though fragmented in terms of overall market share, the global water treatment industry is generally dominated by major international suppliers of equipment and chemicals, though smaller, more local manufacturers can play a significant role in driving the market. The Freedonia Group, a division of MarketResearch. While most of the top tier water treatment companies manufacture both equipment and chemicals, some do specialize in one or the other. Check out a few of the key players that Freedonia anticipates will impact the worldwide water treatment industry through and beyond.

drinking water production Companies

Water Has No Substitute. About 70 percent of the human body is water. At a 1 percent deficiency, humans sense thirst. At a 5 percent deficiency, a fever develops, and a 12 percent deficiency causes death.

AVK is an international group created through the efforts of dedicated people. We believe in basic strategies such as being innovative, keeping our business simple and being close to our markets and customers staying focused on their needs.

Besides the product itself, bottling plants require large amounts of water for manufacturing processes. Three factors — climate, overuse, and pollution — are now propelling the manufacturing industry toward a sea change in its water use. Demand for fresh water is high and increasing. The U. Census Bureau has estimated that the U. As demand in the industrial sector grows, global supplies of fresh water continue to dwindle. With ready sources of water less available, alternate water sources such as desalination and wastewater recycling will become more important to manufacturers. In recent years, significant recent advances in desalination and wastewater treatment for reuse have become much more cost-efficient.


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The inventory list for a coffee places includes more than food and drink items. To function as a soft drink maker, you'll need to ensure you have the correct equipment. Soft drink manufacturing is a detailed process that involves infusing water with a number of ingredients such as sugar, essences and even carbon dioxide to carbonate the drinks.

The relative benefits of recycling, resource recovery, and energy recovery are also discussed in detail. The third section discusses the behavior of plastics in some of the environments in which they are typically used, such as the outdoors, in biotic environments, or in fires. The final section consists of chapters on recycling and thermal treatment of plastics waste. Chapters include:. Plastics and the Environment. Plastics offer a variety of environmental benefits. However, their production, applications, and disposal present many environmental concerns. Plastics and the Environment provides state-of-the-art technical and research information on the complex relationship between the plastic and polymer industry and the environment, focusing on the sustainability, environmental impact, and cost—benefit tradeoffs associated with different technologies. Chapters include: Commodity Polymers Plastics in Transportation Biodegradation of Common Polymers Thermal Treatment of Polymer Waste Incineration of Plastics The contributors also focus on the effectiveness of recent technologies in mitigating environmental impacts, particularly those for managing plastics in the solid waste stream. Plastic and design engineers, polymer chemists, material scientists, and ecologists will find Plastics and the Environment to be a vital resource to this critical industry.

Soft drinks include all drinks made from water or mineral water, sugar, aromas, and essences, and usually contain carbon dioxide. Other beverage products.

Mineral Water Making Machine

Process water is a common name for water which can not be classified as drinking water and which is used in connection with technical plants and processes in production companies, heat and power plants, and institutions. Process water has undergone a more extensive treatment, e. Probably every manufactured product uses water during some part of the production process. Industrial water use includes water used for such purposes as fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product, incorporating water into a product, or for sanitation needs within the manufacturing facility. The commercial water-use category is important because, without it, we would not have any steak restaurants, pizza houses, chicken shacks, and other eateries. The most normal problems in district heating installations are corrosion, leakage, and bacterial growth. These problems are caused by oxygen, salts, and mechanical impurities in the water. Rinse water is used in many different fields within the industry. The need for water treatment is greatest in connection with cooling towers and evaporation condensors.

A partner for your water treatment projects

The microelectronics market counts on water as a key raw material in the fabrication of devices such as semiconductors, photovoltaics, and flat panel displays. Ultrapure water UPW is the primary cleaning solvent used to rinse away remnants during the production process. For years, DuPont Water Solutions has been meeting the needs of original equipment manufacturers OEMs and customers in the semiconductor industry around the world. Our experience and range of solutions make us the perfect partner for the production of ultrapure water in microelectronics processing. View a list of products suitable for the production of ultrapure water in microelectronic manufacturing.

Products and Services Fabrication. The fish grade PVC is specially formulated to prevent leaching out of plasticizers or other chemicals that might be harmful to aquatic life or to water bodies and as such meets the requirements for aquatic life and water quality.

Not only does water comprise about 70 percent of our bodies, it also drives myriad industrial processes and our economy. Manufacturers seek to reduce water use.

Provide Feedback. Manufacturer and distributor of drinking water treatment plants.

Only show results in California? Trace2o is a manufacturer and global supplier of cutting edge technologies, designed for the analysis and monitoring of our environment.

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