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CC-WARE Methodological Approach

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: $189,900 - 21 Canal St, Ware, MA 01082

I envisage that a future model of novel publication would be just like news stories are currently published. Newspapers and other media outlets then pick up the stories and publish them. Newspaper editors and TV producers choose which stories and press releases are relevant and publish them. They also commision articles or stories to be written that they think will be of specific interest to their readers.

Lucks , 27 July EDT :This is not necessarily a completely different idea - I just couldn't figure out how to blend the text with the idea above. Perhaps we can pick and choose features Although this might be a long term goal, or an idea to research as one of many possibilities, I think there are some important issues to think about. The Open Source Software movement has faced some of the same challenges that OWW faces in trying to establish on open-source science collaboration framework.

Eric Raymond has written an illuminating text on several aspects of this culture called The Cathedral and The Bazaar. A must read. The goal is to provide a publishing system that shifts the academic currency system away from large, highly-polished works to a system that treats the everyday scientific 'baby-step' as a meaningful, citeable, and reviewablee contribution.

To examine the need for such a system, let's highlight the features of the current publication system. I am going to discuss a proposed design of a technology that would allow the good features of the existing literature system to be held, while fixing some of its problems. I am involved in an implementation of these ideas that focuses on the literature review aspect. The background is that the physics preprint arxiv is a repository for fast publication of papers in the physics community.

Authors submit to the arxiv at the same time submitting to a journal. The arxiv allows for immediate distribution of work, solving some of the problems above, but has no peer review process, which is often cited as its biggest weakness.

A partucular strong point though is that it is free access to anyone in the world. The features of the cite are much like those above. The idea is that a post is created to a specific paper on the arxiv. This post is just a link to the arxiv site, but the post can be commented on. Both posts and comments can be rated. Comments can highlight typos, discuss controversial elements, follow up on ideas and propose new ideas.

In principle comments can be cited and serve as the individual elements of scientific publication. User names are show by each comment and the user reputation can be looked up by anyone. Comments can be sorted by their rating. The site is an exploration and is just getting started. As an experiment, I have posted slides from a talk I gave to collect comments after the talk. Page actions Project page Talk More Tools. Personal tools Log in Request account.

His recent research has focussed on:. He has also worked on issues such as the previous internatinal sanctions against the Myanmar regime, development in fragile states, democratic transition, the role of faith and faith-based organisations in development, and theoretical and case study evaluations of development in difficult sociopolitical contexts generally.

Publications in Archeology. Alden C. Mound 7 profiles 14 44 Tshaped doorway Room Feature 1 walls under Room 26 19 46 Large vent with slab closer Room

OpenWetWare:Information management/a model for novel publishing

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. HBN part A to D: includes guidance on flooring, walls and ceilings, sanitary assemblies and windows in healthcare facilities. PDF , KB , 20 pages. If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email publications dh. Please tell us what format you need.

oneware: objects for one handed usage

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Jean-Paul Thalmann, Karin Sowada. Levantine "combed ware".

Technology to improve the operation and cut the costs of warewashers is coming thick and fast. And the future pace of change looks even more bright and sparkling, says Elise Blanco. Cost cutting, labour savings and energy conservation remain the panaceas for what ails all foodservice equipment segments, including warewashing. In recent years, addressing these issues in the dish room, which can be a money pit for most operators, has been the top priority for warewasher manufacturers. Developments and innovations in the warewashing segment mean there are now more cost-effective and practical options available to consultants. Ventless technology is an emerging trend over the past couple of years — because steam can be cut to minimal levels within these machines, additional expense for venting, exhaust fans and duct work is cut too. This technology also dehumidifies the exiting exhaust air, which allows for larger machines to operate without dedicated ventilation. The FSTC is currently testing a heat-recovery, door-type warewasher which captures hot steam. Warewashers that use cold water connections instead of hot are common in Europe and are now becoming available in the US. Delagah predicts a move away from water recirculation systems, with warewashers becoming more of a stand-alone appliance.

Eulogy for Willis Ware

Publications in Archeology. Gran Quivira Vicinity 3. Pueblo de las Humanas. The Early House Mound.

The Polish performance-based research funding system, which is called the Comprehensive Evaluation of Scientific Units, is very complex. It comprises several aspects: the publication counting system, the Polish journal ranking, and translating the assessment criteria into the point system. The Polish model applies to all types of research institutions, which are evaluated through the same criteria.

Congratulations to our amazing nurses for their awards, publications, and accepted abstracts for presentation at professional meetings and conferences. You will be recognized among your peers and UCLA Health for your professional achievements and strong work in support of research and evidence-based practice in nursing. International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation. Nice, France. Boston, MA. Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association. Washington, D. Epic's XGM.

Jan 9, - In the last cycle of evaluation, almost , publications were submitted for evaluation by the Polish scientific units in the period of – The present article describes the ware expenses. •. Commercialization of.

CC-WARE Methodological Approach

User Name. Remember Me. The vulnerability indicators climatic, hydrological, geographical, socio-economic representing SEE are selected. Then the spatial scale of indicators called investigation units is determined note: reconciliation is needed between different indicators, e. A similar methodology is used to assess and classify drinking water vulnerability, but the set, structure and relative importance of the indicators will be modified according to drinking water supply conditions. Management options for mitigating vulnerability of drinking water resources Work Package 4. Four climate change adaptation options relevant to SEE are selected: land use change, ecosystem services, improving water use efficiency and economic incentives for water management mostly water demand management. Land use changes and relevant legislations will be analysed and ways for the improvement of regulations recommended. The greatest emphasis will be on the assessment of ecosystem services. Benefits of best practices among others will be evaluated from the actual case of Vienna Waterworks.

University of Waikato

Whether this cultural adaptation was driven by migration or diffusion remains widely debated. To gather evidence for contact and movement in the CWC material culture, grog-tempered CWC pots from 24 archaeological sites in southern Baltoscandia Estonia and the southern regions of Finland and Sweden were sampled for geochemical and micro-structural analyses. Scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectrometry SEM-EDS and particle-induced X-ray emission PIXE were used for geochemical discrimination of the ceramic fabrics to identify regional CWC pottery manufacturing traditions and ceramic exchange. Major and minor element concentrations in the ceramic body matrices of individual vessels and grog temper crushed pottery present in the ceramic fabrics were measured by SEM-EDS. Furthermore, the high-sensitivity PIXE technique was applied for group confirmation. The combined pot and grog matrix data reveal eight geochemical clusters. At least five geochemical groups appeared to be associated with specific find locations and regional manufacturing traditions.

A/Prof. Anthony Ware

University A to Z Departments. Article in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

I envisage that a future model of novel publication would be just like news stories are currently published. Newspapers and other media outlets then pick up the stories and publish them. Newspaper editors and TV producers choose which stories and press releases are relevant and publish them. They also commision articles or stories to be written that they think will be of specific interest to their readers.

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