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Units produce confectionery pre-packaged in boxes

Units produce confectionery pre-packaged in boxes

Merchandising units are essentially a combination of packaging and displays, and are designed as an optimised way to handle, distribute and merchandise large quantities of product in retail stores. Like many point of sale display stands, the design for merchandising units is generally modular. Usually made of corrugated board, the units typically comprise a standard base, bin and cladding. The point of these cardboard displays is to optimise logistics, so the units are often an extension of shelf-ready packaging. Easy-to-use, merchandising units are most often delivered to retail stores pre-filled with product, so the stands can be set up in a few simple steps.

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The principal display panel of consumer prepackaged definition products must include a net quantity declaration [, Safe Food for Canadians Regulations SFCR ].

For information on units of measurement, refer to Manner of Declaring. There are also specific requirements for the net quantity declaration on certain prepackaged food products other than consumer prepackaged [, SFCR]. For more information on these requirements refer to:. In addition to the requirements in the SFCR, a net quantity declaration is required, under section 9 of the Weights and Measures Act WMA , on prepackaged foods other than consumer prepackaged, such as shipping containers and foods for institutional use.

Refer to Measurement Canada for more information. On consumer prepackaged foods, the net quantity must be declared on the principal display panel in metric units definition [, , SFCR]. However, consumer prepackaged foods that are packaged from bulk at retail, other than individually measured definition foods, can declare the net quantity on the principal display panel in Canadian units definition [ 2 b , SFCR]. For catch-weight foods or foods packaged from bulk at retail, that are less than grams i.

For example, the net quantity of a prepackaged raw small whole chicken is grams. It is acceptable to declare the net quantity for this product as "0. A single space should be used to separate the number from the unit of measure.

Phrases such as "net", "net weight", "net contents" or "net quantity" are voluntary and not required as part of the net quantity declaration. When the quantity is less than one, the numerical portion may be shown in either the decimal system with the figure zero preceding the decimal point e. Numerical fractions e. The net quantity must be rounded to three figures, unless the net quantity is below If the net quantity is below , it may be rounded to two figures.

In addition, any final zero appearing to the right of the decimal point need not be shown [, SFCR]. If the net quantity is exactly grams or millilitres, it may be expressed as [ 2 , SFCR]:. Net quantity declarations are mandatory information and, therefore, must be bilingual [ 1 , SFCR].

The following metric symbols are considered to be bilingual English and French. They should not be followed by any punctuation.

The above symbols are case sensitive and only litre and millilitre measurements have case or font options. The "g" for grams cannot be replaced by "G". When words rather than symbols are used as net quantity declarations, they must appear in both official languages. The following table shows the correct spelling of metric units of measurement in English and French when words are used instead of symbols.

In the French language, the decimal point is written as a comma rather than a period. This is acceptable. The declaration of net quantity on the labels of consumer prepackaged food must appear on the Principal display panel definition and be in distinct contrast to any other information on the label [, a , SFCR].

A minimum type height of 1. These also apply when the numerical portion is written in words e. Consumer prepackaged foods that are packaged from bulk at retail and declare the net quantity on the principal display panel in Canadian units and individually measured definition consumer prepackaged foods are not required to meet these requirements [ 1 , 2 a , SFCR].

Examples include honey, cottage cheese and yogurt. Some of these foods are normally thought of as a "liquid" e.

By definition, catch-weight food products are also sold by weight. Fluid measure or volume is required for almost all liquids. Examples include tomato sauce, soup and maple syrup. Some "solid" foods are included in this list e. Some very viscous liquids e. Some foods, such as canned shellfish and frozen glazed fish, are packed in brine, water or other liquid that is not normally consumed.

The document entitled Units of Measurement for the Net Quantity Declaration of Certain Foods lists the prepackaged products that are required to show their net quantity by weight of the edible contents in the container i.

This does not include the free liquid or glaze content. While a drained weight methodology is used to determine the net quantity declaration of these products, the words "drained weight" are not required in the declaration.

The document entitled Units of Measurement for the Net Quantity Declaration of Certain Foods lists the prepackaged products that are required to show their net quantity by numerical count [ a , SFCR].

Examples include canned or frozen corn-on-the-cob. It is acceptable to declare the net quantity of certain other products by numerical count e. For a number of products, the method of expressing the net quantity is neither specified in any set of regulations, nor does it follow the general requirement of declaring solid products by weight and liquid products by volume.

Section of the SFCR provides for net quantity to be declared according to the established trade practices in these situations. You can find more information on established trade practices for net quantity declarations for foods such as fruit cakes, donuts and popcorn in the table below:. It should be noted that, in addition to the mandatory requirements, a product may also be voluntarily marked in the alternative manner e.

Although Canadian previously named "Imperial" units of measure are not required on labels, they are permitted to be used in addition to the required metric units. When the net quantity is shown in both metric units and Canadian units definition , the metric units should be declared first and the two units of measure must be grouped together on the label with no intervening material, other than symbols or pictograms shown in accordance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act [, SFCR].

Sufficient spacing should be placed between the two declarations to avoid confusion. However, they need not appear on the same horizontal line. The Canadian declaration may be placed below the metric declaration. If Canadian units are used, fluids such as coffee and soft drinks must always be described as "fluid ounces" rather than "ounces" [ 1 , SFCR]. American units of measure may also be used on labels provided that an appropriate and accurate metric net quantity is declared.

This may be instead of or in addition to the Canadian measure. There is a difference between U. The U. With the exception of the fluid ounce measure, the U. For this reason, all U. This distinction is not necessary in cases where the U. Non metric declarations e. The following table shows the correct spelling of optional additional units of measurement in English and French, and the acceptable symbol s.

This symbol is used by some countries in the European Union to indicate an average net weight system. It is acceptable to use the European Union symbol "e" alongside a net quantity declaration on imported products, provided that all net quantity requirements are met. Qualification of the net quantity declaration is defined as "false and misleading" under paragraph 1 a of the SFCR and therefore prohibited.

Examples of qualified net quantities include "big Litre", "full litre", "approximately" and "average weight". Other representations likely to deceive the consumer with respect to the net quantity of a prepackaged food are also prohibited. Supplementary net quantity information is considered voluntary on food products. However, once a company chooses to place such information on a food label, it must ensure that the statement is not likely to deceive a consumer with respect to the net quantity of a prepackaged product.

For example, although cookies are required to be sold by weight, supplementary information such as a net quantity statement by count giving either the true count, for example, "12 cookies", or a non-precise indication of the minimum count of cookies present is acceptable.

Examples of supplementary minimal count information: "at least 12 cookies", "not less than 12 cookies", "more than 12 cookies", " cookies" "number of cookies may vary from 12 to 14 cookies". In these examples, every package must contain at least 12 cookies and the net quantity by weight must meet the applicable regulatory requirements. Indications such as "approximately" are too ambiguous and do not indicate a minimum that the consumer could expect, therefore, "approximately" is not an appropriate term.

This supplementary information is not deemed to be a declaration of the number of servings for the application of section of the SFCR. The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations contains the prescribed tolerances for net quantity declarations and requirements for inspection of a lot of food to determine compliance of consumer prepackaged foods [ 3 and 5 , , SFCR]. For guidance on how the Canadian Food Inspection Agency verifies the net quantity declared on consumer prepackaged foods, refer to Operational Procedure: Net Quantity Verification.

If a manufacturer chooses to make claims referring to net quantity, they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For more information on specific claims, refer to Quantity Claims. In general, it is not acceptable to under-fill a container with a product. For example, it is not acceptable to package millitres of a beverage in a container having a capacity of millitres. However, this practice may be acceptable if the product justifiably requires an extra space within the container.

In this case, a statement explaining the purpose of the extra space is required on the label. For example, a milk shake requires an extra space for mixing and therefore would be required to carry a statement such as "An extra space is provided for shaking purposes". A net quantity declaration is not required to be stated in an advertisement. If a manufacturer chooses to declare the net quantity of a prepackaged product in an advertisement, then the net quantity declared must be in accordance with section of the SFCR.

For example, the net quantity of a food cannot be less than the amount of food stated in an advertisement, as that would be misleading. When the label shows the net quantity in both metric and Canadian units, the net quantity of a product may be stated in the advertisement in either metric or Canadian units.

For example, cookies may be advertised in ounces, without any reference to the gram weight, and vice versa, provided that both grams metric measure and ounces Canadian measure are on the label of the product being advertised [, SFCR]. When the label shows only metric units, a food may be advertised in Canadian units, provided that metric units are also stated in the advertisement.

However, it is not acceptable to state only the Canadian units in the advertisement. When two or more completely labelled products are sold together as a single unit, section of the SFCR requires that the following information be shown in the declaration of net quantity:. The foods may be identical e. Gift baskets made up of completely labelled fancy biscuits, candies and cheeses, etc. A "class" of foods means very closely related foods such as several different brands of candy bars or different varieties of breakfast cereals.

When the foods making up the finished product are two individually packaged and completely labelled single containers of two different product classes, the net quantity must be shown for both foods. For example:.

The full text of the Act and Regulations should be consulted for a more detailed understanding of these provisions. The following products are exempt from all requirements of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Regulations :. The term "container" means a receptacle, package, wrapper or confining band in which a product is offered for sale but does not include package liners or shipping containers or any outer wrapping or box that is not customarily displayed to the consumer.

Pre Roll Display Box. The collectible coin market is unregulated, highly speculative and involves risk. The ad unit consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. Pre-Roll Bags These heavy-duty bags withstand air, moisture, and light.

Labelling Requirements for Confectionery, Chocolate and Snack Food Products

We've made some changes to EPA. This web page contains product-specific information and data on Containers and Packaging. Looking for other information? Take a look at our two other product categories and at our materials. Still have a question about the data? Check out our Frequent Questions page. EPA defines containers and packaging as products that are assumed to be discarded the same year the products they contain are purchased.

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Powder handling, dosing, mixing, granulation or compression. Powder layering and coating of cores, should they be tablets, small pellets, almonds, or chocolate units. It is the know-how, or better, the know-why behind the technical solutions themselves that makes IMA technologies suitable for any application. A high-performance equipment able to handle gum slabs, sticks and pellets providing a variety of packaging solutions according to your needs.

On December 14, , amendments to nutrition labelling, list of ingredients and food colour requirements of the Food and Drug Regulations came into force. Regulated parties have a five 5 year transition period to meet the new labelling requirements.

This table details alcohol beverage labeling requirements in several countries. Details on the requirements for health warnings to be included on beverage labels are available in the Health Warning Labeling Requirements table. It is updated on an ongoing basis as jurisdictions enact or revise their requirements with assistance from FIVS-Abridge. Beverage alcohol labeling requirements. Progress Reports. Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements. If container holds fewer than 10 standard drinks, this estimate should be accurate to one decimal place; above 10 drinks, accurate to the nearest whole number. Ingredient listing is only required for products not standardized in Standards 2. Caution: Where there is no added sulphur dioxide, care must be taken in any claim that the wine is "sulphur- or preservative-free," as sulphur dioxide can be produced by yeast.

Containers and Packaging: Product-Specific Data

The principal display panel of consumer prepackaged definition products must include a net quantity declaration [, Safe Food for Canadians Regulations SFCR ]. For information on units of measurement, refer to Manner of Declaring. There are also specific requirements for the net quantity declaration on certain prepackaged food products other than consumer prepackaged [, SFCR].

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Transparency in food packaging is a trend that will never go out of style. Product visibility gives consumers the ability to check for beauty and freshness.

Net Quantity

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Food packaging

Food packaging is packaging for food. A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. It may bear a nutrition facts label and other information about food being offered for sale. Packaging of food products have seen a vast transformation in technology usage and application from the stone age to the industrial revolution. PET plastic blow-mold bottle technology widely used in the beverage industry was introduced [6].

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Facilitation, quality. Case packing can come in many forms. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs.

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