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Two-thirds of the U. What are raisins? California Golden Seedless and California Dipped Seedless raisins are mechanically dried and processed. Once dried, the raisins are brought from the vineyards, stored in wooden bins, and processed as needed by having their stems and capstems removed, then sorted by size, cleaned and washed in water to assure a wholesome and safe final product.

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Los Angeles, Calif. This is the first varietal for the brand with five consecutive successful innovation launches for founder and CEO Alex Guarachi, with a history of identifying new trends in the marketplace. Guarachi, an avid cabernet enthusiast, aspired to create a high quality cabernet sauvignon that could be enjoyed by the masses. This varietal utilizes the same design elements of previous tenshen vintages. It showcases the signature labyrinth design in an eye-catching deep purple label, reminiscent of the rich colors and dark fruits that this varietal embodies.

This extraordinary Cabernet exudes aromas of dark chocolate and violets mingle with dark fruit flavors of blackberry and black cherry, sweet tannins, and oak entice your palate.

Full bodied and explosive, enjoy it tonight with your favorite red meat dish, marinara pasta, or fresh vegetables. For more information about Guarachi Wine Partners, please visit www. The name tenshen is a play on words that nods to the winemaking acumen and the tension that occurs with harvesting.

Tension is a tenacious energy that a wine possesses, inspired by the process of picking at the just-ripe-enough precipice and then getting out of the way. Great wine is all about tension and the elusiveness of this characteristic. As such, the labyrinth design of the label is emblematic of this puzzle or challenge that winemakers face. Headquartered in Los Angeles and founded by Alex Guarachi in , Guarachi Wine Partners is a privately held global importer, marketer and innovator of fine wines from around the world.

After decades serving as the Founder and CEO, Guarachi chose to bring the passion and spirit of his own cultural experience to the dinner table and create his own label in , Guarachi Family Wines. To learn more about Guarachi Wine Partners and its products, visit www. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Wine Industry Advisor. Home Industry News Releases. The Rhone Rangers Experience. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Wine Industry Advisor is an Online Industry Publication featuring news, articles, and editorial content relevant to the wine industry. Afternoon Brief, January 14 January 14, January 14, All Rights Reserved.

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Bee Raw is on a mission to champion American family-run farms and apiaries to forward sustainable agriculture. Conscious of the origin and environmental impact of each ingredient, we produce a collection of goods free from additives and packaged in post-consumer paper and glass.

The variety of wines in the market increases measurably each season so that well-established favorites like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are get well-deserved competition for lesser known varietals. All of them makes wine drinking in more engaging than ever. Not that much Muscat is grown in the region, and it is vilified drier than in others, making it a delightful aperitif. The label says it goes with aspagarus, and if you must drink wine with that troublesome vegetable, this might be your best option.

Tenshen Celebrates Five Years with Release of First Varietal Wine

Farmers who produce wine grapes, an especially sensitive crop, are already feeling those effects. Wine, which is among the most sensitive and nuanced of agricultural products, demonstrates how climate change is transforming traditions and practices that may be centuries old. Around the wine-growing world, smart producers have contemplated and experimented with adaptations, not only to hotter summers, but also to warmer winters, droughts and the sort of unexpected, sometimes violent events that stem from climate change: freak hailstorms, spring frosts, flooding and forest fires, just to name a few. Farmers have been on the front line, and grape growers especially have been noting profound changes in weather patterns since the s. In the short term, some of these changes have actually benefited certain regions.

The California Raisin Industry

Wine is no exception. Under-the-radar wine regions are surging in popularity, and with them grape varietals that the layperson may not be familiar with. Even dominant wine regions like Italy, Spain, and Australia are beginning to experiment with different grapes. Summer drinking will always be dominated by light and bright wines, but a fresh twist in fall months may be a boon to beverage directors. The wines being made with these grapes that you will see most frequently here in the U. Klein from Boulud Sud Miami agrees with the common sentiment of what grows together goes together, noting her preference to keep regional grape varietals alongside its local cuisine.

Louisiana-made beverages have come a long way in the last decade, with a flurry of new craft breweries and rum distilleries opening recently.

Piemonte wine is the range of Italian wines made in the region of Piedmont in the northwestern corner of Italy. The best-known wines from the region include Barolo and Barbaresco. They are made from the Nebbiolo grape. These wines are ideal for storage and a well-aged Barolo for instance may leave a feeling of drinking velvet because the tannins are polished and integrated more and more into the wine. As the wine matures the colour becomes more brownish and rust-red. Other popular grapes used for red wine production are Barbera and Dolcetto. Wine made with the Barbera grape is often fruity, with high acidity. It can be delicate with less tannin than wine made from the Nebbiolo grape. Dolcetto on the other side, is not, as the name indicates, sweet. Dolcetto means "little sweet one".

This Louisiana varietal might make you rethink the state’s wine-producing capabilities

A flagship brand of Germicopa, Princess Amandine is recognised as a reference in the French market for firm-fleshed potatoes thanks to a remarkable quality of presentation and a refined taste. Developed for the Swiss market, the brand Amandine of the Lake Geneva is appreciated for the double guarantee it brings: a local production and a potato of high quality that is beautiful and melts in the mouth. Thanks to its blonde dress and its light texture, it is the essential potato of the dishes of the summer. Blue Belle is the potato of gastronomes.

New Zealand has been making table wines since the mid nineteenth century, but it is only in the last 50 years that we have been producing commercially driven modern wine styles. In the 's and early 's the principle grape varieties grown in volume were Muller Thurgau and Chenin Blanc, both of which produced large cropping volumes and non offensive medium styled wines. As New Zealanders were starting to discover the delights of table wine, these two varieties were perfect for the production of the most popular and profitable styles of wine.

Grapes and wine credit: Shutterstock. In its place, the report has expanded on other research data in order to better predict trends for The report includes incisive graphics and quotes from industry leaders. Overall, this provides—within the context of both long- and short-term history—a snapshot of the U. The first included graph ramps up like a mountain incline, illustrating how U. Consumption then took off surpassing a previous high that lasted between and from a volume consumption of millions gallons to a current level of over million gallons. The boom, in other words, may taper off for many involved in the wine industry, but could continue for those vigilant to stay market-savvy and adaptable. Vineyard grapes credit: Shutterstock. The report also identifies underlying industry trends that can be key in helping wine producers develop strategies. One of these concerns imported wine, which has tended to increase since

Learn how to smell, taste, and identify classic grape varieties, while enjoying a selection of cheese.

How Climate Change Impacts Wine

Although the consumer food products industry demonstrated definite signs of improvement last year, financially wary—and weary—consumers will continue to practice conservative food spending and eating behaviors in , albeit to a lesser degree than two years ago. Rising food and gasoline prices, along with high unemployment and inflationary fears, will likely make another challenging year. Eating-in and take-from-home trends have rejuvenated the center store, which houses many of the 10 fastest-growing categories in unit sales in grocery, drug, mass excluding Wal-mart, and convenience stores FDMxC IRI, Across meal-related segments, the fresh and frozen foods departments also posted above average growth, led by frozen vegetables and refrigerated lunches IRI, Small, indulgent treats, e.

This Louisiana varietal might make you rethink the state’s wine-producing capabilities

Ontario wine is Canadian wine produced in the province of Ontario. The provinces has three official wine-growing region, the Niagara Peninsula , the north shore of Lake Erie , and Prince Edward County , although wineries also exist in other regions in Ontario. Approximately two-thirds of Canada's vineyard acreage is situated in Ontario, with over vineyards spread across 6, hectares 17, acres. As a result, the province is the country's largest producer of wine, accounting for 62 per cent of Canadian wine production, and 68 per cent of all Canadian wine exports. The province is home to Canada's first commercial winery, opened on Pelee Island in Wineries based in Ontario began to produce ice wine in the early s. Grape vine wines constitutes the majority of wine produced in Ontario, with the province also being the world's largest producer of ice wines , a style of grape wine.

Viewed in terms of its past, Texas winemaking has a long and rich heritage from which to draw. The lands that now comprise the state of Texas are among the oldest wine-producing regions in the United States, but the newest to establish an industry of winemaking. In fact, wine grapes were planted in Texas more than a hundred years before they were planted in California.

Meals made from fresh, organic foods that are in season. Extensive vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based options that speak to your health.

Los Angeles, Calif. This is the first varietal for the brand with five consecutive successful innovation launches for founder and CEO Alex Guarachi, with a history of identifying new trends in the marketplace. Guarachi, an avid cabernet enthusiast, aspired to create a high quality cabernet sauvignon that could be enjoyed by the masses.

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