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Produce ware bulk salt

Produce ware bulk salt

This widely read global reference tool is one of the most authoritative sources for timely information on industrial minerals and rocks, the markets they serve, and their multitude of uses. Changes in the global economy have greatly impacted the mining, processing, and marketing of industrial minerals. Additionally, the development of new technologies and a globalization of the customer base have driven fast-paced innovation in processing, packaging, transporting, and end use. The new edition examines these important and diverse changes and their complex ramifications in the world of industrial minerals and rocks.

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Today salt is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Tomorrow this valuable resource may become a rare commodity and you may be very glad you had the wisdom to stock up on salt when it was cheap and readily available.

The ideal food storage will contain all of the basic dietary ingredients necessary to maintain health. Salt is an essential element for your very survival. Take a moment and imagine what your diet would be like without any salt. Have you included salt in your basic food storage?

We have listed a few important reasons why salt should make it to your list of food storage basics. Salt is important to human health. Too little sodium will cause the body to retain fluid in an effort to conserve sodium. Sodium deficiencies may result in fatigue, dizziness, confusion, seizures, headaches, irritability, weakness, and vomiting just to name a few of the unpleasant effects.

We all need a little bit of salt to be healthy. Salt does an amazing job of enhancing the flavor of foods. In moderation, salt will enhance sweetness and suppresses bitterness. Almost every food can benefit from a pinch or so of salt. It is possible to make a loaf of bread out of only ground wheat and water.

Quite frankly, I think it tastes bland and flavorless. But add a teaspoon of salt to that dough and suddenly it becomes a mouth-watering, delightful treat. Salt can preserve food and creates an environment where bacteria, fungi yeast, mold and other dangerous organisms cannot survive. It absorbs the moisture and dries out the food. Salt is used to cure meat and preserve it. The salt draws out the moisture and creates an environment where microbes will not multiply and spoil the meat.

Salt is a necessary ingredient to preserve foods by fermentation. Salt storage amounts vary greatly among so-called-experts. Many food storage calculators recommend 3 pounds per person per year. That seems like a dangerously low amount to me so I did some investigating and my personal recommendation is 10 pounds per person per year. Consider the following:. If I am using my food storage in a survival type situation, I will be using a significant amount of salt in baking, cooking and preserving.

I think that the 8 pounds per person per year proposed by BYU is a reasonable estimate for calculating the amount of salt to include in long term storage. In our personal storage, we have chosen to store a base of 10 pounds per person. Salt is too important to chance running out.

I store a variety of salts to ensure all of our needs are met and most of them have an indefinite shelf life. Salt is also a great barter item and could be quite valuable to exchange for other items that you may need.

Pure salt without additives will never go bad. Sodium chloride NaCl is a stable compound and will not lose potency or flavor over time. Salt is a natural preservative and if stored appropriately for long term storage in a cool, dry location you can expect an indefinite shelf life. Pure forms of salt such as sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, and canning salt will last virtually forever if stored correctly.

Some salts such as iodized salt have a short shelf life due to additives. Salt is hygroscopic which means it attracts water from the environment and stores it. Salt will turn clumpy when stored in the kitchen due to the steam and will absorb odors which may affect the taste. Protect salt by storing in an airtight container. The iodized salt pictured below was purchased in and had been stored on a shelf in a cool, dry basement in the original cardboard box for 18 years.

The box showed no evidence of water damage or any sign that there was a problem with the cardboard cylinders of salt tucked inside.

When we opened the case, the salt containers felt cool and slightly damp to the touch. Notice that some of the containers actually had beads of water formed on the outside. The salt inside the containers was damp and had obviously absorbed water. This is a good example of the hygroscopic nature of salt and a reminder to store salt in airtight containers. It is interesting that the cardboard box showed no evidence of water damage while the contents were definitely suffering from water damage.

Pure salt is a stable compound of sodium chloride and will not lose flavor or degrade when stored properly. Salts that are combined with herbs and seasonings such as seasoned salt will lose flavor over time due to the plant products degrading, not the salt.

Salt should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark location. Salt can be purchased in bulk and repackaged for long term storage in smaller containers.

Oxygen absorbers are not recommended when packaging salt for long term storage. We store a variety of salts using a few different methods for long term storage. I frequently buy pink Himalayan salt in bulk to get the best price.

I store the salt in quart size canning jars with plastic lids in a dark storage room which creates a perfect environment for the salt. Alternatively, we purchase pink Himalayan salt in 5-pound plastic containers.

The plastic does a great job of protecting the salt from moisture and the salt will store indefinitely when stored in an airtight plastic container. Bulk salt can be stored directly in small plastic buckets as shown in the middle photo. That little 2-gallon bucket of table salt weighs 25 pounds. We prefer to store the various salts in the original containers inside of a 5-gallon plastic bucket to protect the salt from the environment. Salt is used in small quantities so this is much more convenient than storing it in bulk.

Be sure to label each bucket so you remember which kinds of salt are inside of the bucket. The best varieties for long term storage are the pure forms of salt without additives. However, it is a good idea to include some of the other varieties in your short term food storage. The varieties of salt that you should include in your food storage depend on your personal preferences and what you intend to use the salt for.

We store a variety of salts in order to be able to meet the unique needs of our family. The common types of salts are listed below along with important information to help you make an informed decision. Table salt is an all-purpose granulated salt. It is typically mined from underground salt deposits and is heavily processed to eliminate minerals. An anti-caking ingredient i. Shelf Life: Table salt has an indefinite shelf life according to Morton.

Iodized salt is table salt that has potassium iodide added as well as the anti-caking ingredient. A small amount of dextrose sugar is also added to prevent the iodine from turning yellow. Iodine is a critical nutrient in the human diet and a deficiency can result in a variety of health issues. When you eat a good healthy diet, you are probably getting enough iodine without using iodized salt. Iodine rich food sources include; cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, ocean seafood, soy milk, seaweed, lima beans, and potatoes.

Iodine deficiency has serious health consequences. If you are living off of your food storage, you may have a difficult time making sure that you get all of the iodine you need from your diet.

Be sure to store a few pounds of iodized salt to protect you and your family from iodine deficiency. Shelf Life: According to Morton, iodized table salt has a 5-year shelf life due to the potassium iodide. Pink Himalayan salt is my favorite salt. It is available to be purchased in crystal sizes of coarse mm , fine mm , and extra fine I purchase Himalayan salt in bulk and store it in quart canning jars.

It can also be purchased in 5-pound plastic storage containers that are a great way to protect it from moisture while in storage. Pink Himalayan salt contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride and the balance consists of trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, and iron. It is the minerals that give the salt its beautiful pink color. It also naturally contains iodine, but not as much as iodized table salt. The pink crystals contain less sodium per teaspoon but have a saltier flavor than table salt so you can use less.

Salt blocks made from this pink salt are popular as serving dishes, cutting boards, and cooking surfaces. Shelf Life: Pink Himalayan salt is a pure form of salt and has an indefinite storage life. Real Salt is an unrefined mineral salt harvested from an ancient ocean in Utah. It has a unique blend of minerals that give it a slightly sweet flavor. It is available in fine, coarse, kosher and powdered salt.

Celtic salt is a pristine ocean sea salt. It is available in fine ground, semi-coarse finishing salt , and coarse whole crystal. Celtic and fleur de sel does contain moisture so it is a great candidate for short term storage, but I would not store it long term. Shelf Life: A high moisture content may reduce the actual storage life of Celtic salt.

Theoretically, it should store indefinitely. Canning and pickling salt is pure sodium chloride or granulated salt that is free from iodine, additives and anti-caking ingredients.

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Rock salt is the common name for halite. It is a rock, rather than a mineral, and this is what makes it different to the salt you may find on your dinner table, although they do share many characteristics. Rock salt can be found all over the world. There are deposits ringing dry lake beds, inland marginal seas, and enclosed bays and estuaries in arid regions of the world. At various times in the geologic past, very large bodies of water such as the Mediterranean Sea and a huge body of water that sat where the Atlantic Ocean sits now also evaporated and made enormous deposits of rock salt. These are now mostly buried by additional sediments.

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11 Creative Ways to Shop Zero Waste at Whole Foods Market

Grocery shopping presents one of the biggest hurdles for living a zero waste lifestyle. My foray into plastic-free shopping began with swapping plastic produce bags for reusable cotton produce bags to buy fruits and veg at Whole Foods Market. This simple switch drastically cut down the plastic I was taking home. I had learned about plastic-free lifestyles and noticed that many zero wasters used glass jars and other creative methods to shop. Buying almond butter in my own glass jar felt intimidating at first. Would it be complicated?

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Today salt is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Tomorrow this valuable resource may become a rare commodity and you may be very glad you had the wisdom to stock up on salt when it was cheap and readily available. The ideal food storage will contain all of the basic dietary ingredients necessary to maintain health. Salt is an essential element for your very survival. Take a moment and imagine what your diet would be like without any salt. Have you included salt in your basic food storage? We have listed a few important reasons why salt should make it to your list of food storage basics. Salt is important to human health.

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Salt, i. It is an ionic chemical compound with the formula NaCl. This means that for every gram of salt, almost 40 per cent

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Salt is one of the most widely used minerals on Earth. We offer bulk salt by the ton or by the vessel.

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