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Seemingly hewn out of granite near the mouth of the River Douro, Portugal's second city, known locally as Porto, dazzles with a rich collection of cultural attractions. Porto's historical heart is the Ribeira. This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city's most cherished architectural treasures. Much of old Porto can be described with a pronounced 18th-century accent. Extravagant Baroque churches and stately Neoclassical buildings punctuate the skyline, their most valuable contents displayed in world-class museums set in picturesque squares. Meanwhile, the city's contemporary character is evident in its thriving modern arts scene and an alarmingly futuristic music venue.

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Ware hit with lawsuits after denying solar farm

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Seemingly hewn out of granite near the mouth of the River Douro, Portugal's second city, known locally as Porto, dazzles with a rich collection of cultural attractions. Porto's historical heart is the Ribeira.

This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city's most cherished architectural treasures. Much of old Porto can be described with a pronounced 18th-century accent. Extravagant Baroque churches and stately Neoclassical buildings punctuate the skyline, their most valuable contents displayed in world-class museums set in picturesque squares.

Meanwhile, the city's contemporary character is evident in its thriving modern arts scene and an alarmingly futuristic music venue. Crossing the sweeping bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia is a sightseeing highlight, as is a guided tour around one of the port lodges.

A cruise along the Douro should be considered, and for a truly memorable city panorama take a ride on the cable car that glides from one end of the quayside to the other. See also: Where to Stay in Porto. This is the city's most visible landmark, a meter tall, 18th-century granite-hewn rocket, and visiting this historic structure should be high up on the "things to do" list.

You'll need a stout pair of legs to climb the steps to the top of the tower, but the effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the river, the coastline, and the distant Douro valley - a bird's-eye-view of Portugal's second largest city, and an inspiring way for first-time sightseers to get their bearings. Built between and , the church itself is a wonderful example of the architect's affinity with the Baroque and features an elliptic floorplan, one of the first churches in Portugal built in such a way.

But the tower remains the highlight and, day or night, its tapered profile stands as an historic beacon visible from most parts of the city. Dating from the midth century, Porto's former stock exchange contains a wealth of historic interest. Built on the site of a Franciscan monastery, its sumptuous interior is divided into several rooms and salons, each one singular in its appeal and worthy of close scrutiny.

Pretend you're a wealthy merchant visiting on business as you wander through the Portrait Room with its gallery of uniformed monarchs, and then cast your eyes skywards after entering the Golden Room to admire its gilded stucco ceiling. You'll be ready for your meeting with the boss in the lavishly furnished Chairman's Room before joining fellow merchants in the richly decorated Court Hearing Room to witness mercantile law acted out in due process.

You may want to pop into the adjacent Juror's Room before gathering in the magnificent Hall of Nations to mingle with the great and the good.

But you'll want to leave the best for last by sneaking off to the astonishing Arabian Room, inspired by Granada's Alhambra, and the one place that really sells a tour of the Bolsa.

Incidentally, the building is the headquarters of the Porto Chamber of Commerce, and its members still gather in the classical General Assembly Room. The Porto Bridge Climb conducts guided tours of this iconic structure with participants attired in harness and secure lifeline in order to scale the lofty heights safely and comfortably. Following a narrow pedestrian staircase and connected by cable to a parallel handrail, visitors slowly scale the yawning arches to reach the top of the span, 65 meters above the River Douro.

The panoramic views of the outlying city and the mouth of the river are truly memorable. Descending the steps reveals the size and elegance of this 20th-century engineering marvel, inaugurated in and currently the only bridge span in Europe that can be accessed this way. Visitors are shrouded by gold as they enter the beautiful church of St. Its 18th-century Baroque interior is encrusted with a gilded veneer so dazzling and exuberant that most agree this is one of the best examples of worked gold anywhere in the country.

Indeed, this is a priceless sightseeing experience. Gilt carving embellishes the high altar, columns, and pillars, with barely a single patch of stone left visible. An extraordinary and beguiling artifact carved between and , the tree boasts fine detail seen in the expressions of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and other figures, including King David, Solomon, and Jesse himself, which leaves onlookers speechless. A tour of the ancient catacombs underneath the church helps bring visitors back down to earth, but there are more treasures from the church's monastery to behold in the museum afterwards.

Porto's riverside quarter is an alluring labyrinth of narrow, winding streets; zigzagging alleyways; and low-slung, sun-starved arcades. Facing the River Douro , though, are terraces of lofty townhouses painted in bright mustard, tangerine, and tawny hues - the Ribeira is an adventure in color and flavor. This is also a busy commercial district, where grocers rub shoulders with butchers and fishmongers.

Tiny, dilapidated shoemaker's studios echo to the industrious tapping of cobblers' hammers, and the rustic aroma of freshly baked bread collides with the Douro's salty, briny odor. Above it all, locals share gossip from balconies or open windows, shouting inexorably across lines of washing snapping in the breeze. The Ribeira is also about history, and exploring this fascinating neighborhood is to discover medieval relics built over Roman foundations. Spanning the mighty River Douro to link Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia on the south bank, the bridge's majestic sweep and two-tier aspect is a binding component in the city's proud, social fabric.

The heavily riveted charcoal-grey ironwork has Gustave Eiffel written all over it, and indeed it was an assistant of the great French engineer who built the bridge in Pedestrians can walk across using the narrow pavements set either side of the road, or be really brave and traverse the structure using the 60 meter-high top-tier footpath.

An outstanding view of the bridge can be had from the terrace of the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar , on the south bank. From here, the entire city forms a fabulous backdrop and the panorama is particularly dramatic at dusk. Don't forget your tripod! Sightseeing in Porto should always include exploration of the city's cathedral.

In fact, the sweeping panorama from the terrace over the old-town streets and the sleepy River Douro is a great curtain raiser and primes the senses for what lies ahead. Redeeming features include a beautiful 13th-century rose window set in the west front, and the serene Baroque cloisters paneled with sky blue azulejo tiles. Linger here a little to absorb the medieval ambiance and the tranquil locale. From here, a worn 18th-century granite staircase connects with the chapterhouse, which is wrapped in more stunning tile work.

Another standout attraction is the magnificent silver retable in the small chapel to the left of the chancel. Round off your tour by poring over the cathedral's dazzling hoard of gold and silver held in the Treasury.

With its long, broad promenade and riverfront aspect, Vila Nova de Gaia is an irresistible diversion. It's also the departure point for numerous Douro River cruise boats. Adding a wonderfully nostalgic perspective is the fleet of traditional barcos rabelos moored alongside the esplanade.

These graceful sailing vessels were once used to ferry casks downriver from the Douro port estates, and with Porto's Ribeira district providing a suitably romantic backdrop, sightseers are regaled with an atmospheric cityscape, a tableaux reminiscent of the 18th century. This novel new sightseeing attraction runs along the Gaia riverside and connects the upper station, near the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar , with the eastern end of the esplanade.

If you decide to visit just one museum in Porto, make sure it's this one. The displays are wonderfully eclectic in their scope, with the gold and silverware particularly engaging.

The collection of paintings showcase works by Portuguese and foreign artists, notably Dutch and Flemish. Fine Portuguese glassware from the 18th and 19th centuries complement rare ceramic pieces that include porcelain from China, and examples of Delftware.

Decorative furniture from as far away as India and Japan lend the exhibition an exotic veneer, while the textiles collection is mostly derived from fabrics and other materials that were confiscated from dissolved monasteries and convents. Allow a good couple of hours to browse the various galleries and then explore the garden, perhaps before a bite to eat in the museum's cafeteria where the lunch choice includes vegetarian options.

Portugal's remarkable period of conquest and exploration, the Age of Discovery , is re-enacted with astonishing effect at this slick interactive museum and theme park. The perilous voyages of 15th-century Portuguese navigators, setting sail in fleets of fragile caravels to chart unknown waters and map new lands, are brought to stunning life through a series of detailed exhibitions and screened animations.

Wearing audio headsets, passengers are regaled with the planning and organization underpinning these ambitious maritime expeditions and also glean a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the various destinations colonized by the Portuguese during this period.

In fact, this is a wonderfully engaging and educative experience and good fun for all ages. The immense panel is a real head turner, but the splendid gilt carvings that decorate the interior are equally appealing. In fact, the elegant golden-brushed woodwork is among the finest examples of Portuguese Rococo.

The neighboring Igreja das Carmelitas is less of an eye-opener. Incredibly, dividing both is a house, built to comply with an ancient law that stipulated that no two churches were to share the same wall. Many believe this to be the narrowest private residence in the country, although it's been unoccupied for nearly 30 years. A whimsical anomaly, the one-metre wide abode makes for an interesting snapshot squeezed as it is between two granite monoliths.

Anyone staying in Porto for a few days should check out the cultural program on offer at this fabulous international concert venue. The 'Music House' is celebrated as much for its radical design as the calibre of the entertainment it hosts. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas kicked convention into touch when he was commissioned to create a building that would propel the city headlong into the 21st century. This he achieved to great acclaim, and the best way to appreciate his triumph is to attend one of the many gigs staged within its bleached, odd-sided skin.

All musical tastes are catered for, anything from classical and fado, to jazz and hip-hop. World-class acts performing here include the late Lou Reed, who played the opening night back in Another way to glimpse the interior is to walk up to the top-floor restaurant.

On the menu of Mediterranean influenced cuisine is an inspiring panorama across Porto's busy Boavista neighborhood. But for an unhurried, up-close-and-personal view join a guided tour. Otherwise, amble over here at dusk when the venue is washed with floodlight for a truly abstract perspective of this extraordinary structure. The museum has eschewed a permanent collection and instead aspires to offer different perspectives on contemporary art in various media.

This all adds up to an exciting and unpredictable visitor experience where, very often, you're left to make your own mind up about the meaning behind each piece and the intentions of the artist - in other words, this is modern art.

Also set within the grounds is the pink Art Deco Casa de Serralves where other exhibitions are held. The park is quite beautiful, a landscaped Eden of tremendous biodiversity. A series of footpaths snake through the 18 hectares, winding past spruce lawns, ornamented lakes, and aromatic herb gardens before circulating through a shady, wooded copse. Inside, a vintage s ambiance percolates the salon.

Arranged throughout the lavish interior are the original carved wood chairs and marble-topped tables that lend Majestic its delightfully bohemian flavor. Cherubs and lamplights cling to the plasterwork ceiling.

Gracing the walls are sets of huge Flemish mirrors that reflect the evocative, yesteryear character. This is the most celebrated of Porto's cafes, and one of Europe's most historical. Lunch and dinner can be taken here in considerable style, the menu tempting with a fusion of Portuguese and Mediterranean flavors.

Kids will love it here, especially when they realize that author J. Rowling worked on the draft of her first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone while sipping coffee at a table near the entrance. Magic, or what? The Portuguese Center of Photography will appeal to anybody with an understanding of the photographic process.

The jail was closed in , but its labyrinth of cells, various administrative offices, and the inner courtyard were all carefully restored and now serve as unusual exhibition spaces. Exhibitions tend to focus on vintage and contemporary Portuguese photography, but a number of international photographers have seen their work exhibited as part of cultural exchange initiatives.

Interestingly, photographs created digitally and those taken using traditional analogue methods share a more or less equal platform, so purists and fans of new imaging technology will be equally enthralled.

Most visitors, however, will be fixated on the collection of antique cameras and photographic equipment housed on the top floor.

We believe that Principal driven engineering matters. By engaging our experienced principal engineers in each and every project, we believe that our clients are assured the highest standard of engineering services. We take a collaborative approach to our work and strive to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our clients, built on mutual trust and respect.

The City of Baltimore was hit with a ransomware attack in May of this year. Criminals using remodeled and rebranded NSA exploits EternalBlue knocked out a "majority" of the city's servers and crippled many of its applications. More details didn't surface until September when the city's government began reshuffling the budget to cover the expenses of recovering from the attack. The person in charge of the city's systems was Frank Johnson, who went on leave presumably permanently after a post-attack audit found the IT director hadn't done much IT directing.

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Porto

In , KSWA provided a multitude of environmental services to Metro Water Services in Nashville, TN, highlighted by providing plans and specifications for the abatement of hazardous materials including asbestos and lead-based paint over the top of open-aired settlement tanks inside one of several National Historic Society-listed structures at the plus year old facility. This project was constructed on the banks of the Cumberland River for renewal of the existing 17, square foot multi-story structure with a 6, square foot, 6-story service core addition, in downtown Nashville, TN. KSWA performed engineering support and administrative support in the effort by MWS to assess flooded residences for re-occupancy. KSWA provided geotechnical engineering on a number of flood-damaged facilities and structures after the historic flood of May , Structures for which provided field investigations, geotechnical drilling, lab testing and made recommendations for repairs.

Municipal Agencies

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The outlay was part of an arrangement that until recently was being negotiated between the town and Kanzaki Specialty Papers.

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Ware selectman questions $280,000 for design of wastewater treatment addition that may not be built

It takes a while to traverse the square miles of Ware County, the largest county east of the Mississippi, but it is a pleasant drive through seemingly endless stands of forests, some , acres of trees interrupted by just the occasional highway or railroad that sometimes run parallel so motorist and train engineer can exchange happy waves. But in Ware County and its seat of government, Waycross, trains and trees are growing jobs, and the two are combining to sustain a respectable population growth and protect a vulnerable economy. In fact, we have gained new companies and employees.

WARE - The town was recently hit with two lawsuits after officials said no to an 8-megawatt solar project near Beaver Lake that the developers said would require chopping down 55 acres of forest. The project was proposed on about acres off Coffey Hill and Monson Turnpike roads. The board also voted in favor of granting a special permit.

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Three-stage waste water treatment on plant Dept. of Civil Engineering. with dye bath constituents obtained from Ware Knitters, Inc., in Ware, Massachusetts. The Armco Steel Corporation plant on the Big Blue River in Kansas City.

Waycross/Ware County: Sustaining Growth

Time Required: 2 hours 15 minutes three minute class periods. Although no charge or fee is required for using TeachEngineering curricular materials in your classroom, the lessons and activities often require material supplies. The expendable cost is the estimated cost of supplies needed for each group of students involved in the activity. This activity uses many items from previous activities in this unit, as well as some non-expendable items such as shovels, loppers and trundle wheels; see the Materials List for details. Most curricular materials in TeachEngineering are hierarchically organized; i. Some activities or lessons, however, were developed to stand alone, and hence, they might not conform to this strict hierarchy. Related Curriculum shows how the document you are currently viewing fits into this hierarchy of curricular materials. Rain gardens are designed and installed to reduce stormwater runoff, provide water quality treatment and promote vegetative growth. Similar to stormwater ponds and treatment wetlands, they rely on ecological interactions in a natural system to provide stormwater retention and pollution removal.


View a larger version of this image by downloading the PDF. A cross-divisional, staff-led team with broad representation has been appointed to ensure implementation of our Strategic Plan. Nine initiatives, one for each WHAT, were prioritized for implementation and the following leads will take on these initiatives:. Focus teams for each initiative include staff from all divisions and varying levels of the department as well as a management sponsor. These teams will be responsible for the development of initiatives and identifying the tracking performance measures. Membership of the Focus Teams will change as one initiative is completed and a new one is started. Feel free to reach out to the Implementation Team members if you have questions or concerns. Denisse Linares co-lead , Solid Waste Management. The Implementation Team has identified the approximate timeline for the first nine initiatives:. This team completed extensive research, listened to feedback from stakeholders, customers, and employees, and worked collaboratively to develop the plan and set the direction for our department.

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Porto

Trova questo libro nella versione stampata. Account Options Accedi.

Sani Ware Sarl

Plant and Civil Engineering. Brexit — now this is your time to show courage and…. Hillhead set to be even better for visitors. Auctioneer Ritchie Bros.

Environmental Services Strategic Plan 2018-2025

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