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Industry fabrication transformers and transformer equipment

Industry fabrication transformers and transformer equipment

We are the Quality leader in all the markets we serve! We clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the extraordinarily high reliability of our products and services, which enables us to generate economic benefits for our customers. We underpins everything we do. It is our long-term guiding principle and describes our uniqueness, thereby giving us our identity.

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High-current industrial transformers

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Daykin Electric Corporation was started in as a control systems manufacturer involved in the design, build and installation of machine tool and process controls.

Daykin Electric Corporation developed its first product, a transformer disconnect assembly, to power fluorescent lamps inside a control enclosure. The transformer disconnect line has been expanded to include products that provide power to programmable controllers and other electronic devices. Transformer manufacturing became part of the company's growth in the early 's. In , the company expanded capabilities to include in-house sheet metal fabrication.

In , in-house powder coating was added. Daykin Literature. Daykin Electric Corporation has designed a line of dry type transformers of the highest dependability. Our design engineers specify only quality materials to maximize the best electrical and thermal characteristics for years of reliable service. Units are available potted, open and enclosed. Multiple taps available for all supply voltages, worldwide.

Constant voltage transformers available from 0. Transformer Catalog Pages. The Daykin Transformer Disconnect is an electrical assembly which consists of a disconnect switch, copper wound transformer, fuse block and fuses. The disconnect switch is interlocked to the door therefore, power must be disconnected before the door can be opened.

These components are interconnected to provide user and OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer a convenient, accepted and specified package to mount in or on an electrical enclosure. The unit, when wired to the line side of the control panel's main disconnecting device, will provide a VAC power source for lamps, industrial equipment, programmable controllers, computers or microprocessors.

Transformer Disconnect Catalog Pages. The range is from 5 amps through 75 amps. The 5 amp units have a single phase input. The 10 amp through 75 amp units are three phase. The 5 amp, 10 amp and 25 amp devices are available open or enclosed construction. The 50 amp and 75 amp are furnished enclosed only.

The enclosed units are furnished in a nonventilated enclosure with a gasketed cover. Power Supplies Catalog Pages. Customized power supplies cover the ranges from: 0. The standard unit is furnished with an input of three phase VAC 60Hz. The TD unit provides two separate isolated outputs in one compact enclosure. This series combines a control transformer with a DC power supply. The standard unit is furnished with a single phase VAC, 60Hz input.

The two seperate outputs are single phase VAC at 1. The Daykin Program Port Module allows access to the programmable controller without having to open the control panel doors or de-energize the main disconnect. Program Ports Catalog Pages. The Daykin Fluorescent Fixture is designed for interior control panel lighting. This unique fixture contains a 15 watt fluorescent lamp with tube sleeve guard, adjustable door operated switch, and a V 15 AMP single receptacle.

We offer two styles, along with a new 24V DC fixture. Light Fixture Catalog Pages. Search Our Store:. Fax: E:mail: sales spectechind.

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The company has earned ISO certification and has a reputation among transformer manufacturers for quality and reliability that is the best in the transformer manufacturing industry. Complying with the SPX Transformer Solutions Quality Policy is the overriding objective and primary responsibility of every employee, meaning that every unit we build and deliver to our customers has been manufactured to provide consistent performance, dependability and long service life. With nearly 15, power transformers installed, the facts speak for themselves:. Designed to optimize heat transfer, insulation stress and time of transformer core and coil assembly moisture removal process. Accurate, on-time and damage-free delivery of your transformers along with complete, professional installation expertise round out our design-to-delivery offering. Our primary responsibility is to safely provide outstanding products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers by continually improving our processes, performance and products.

Custom Transformers, Inductors, and Coils

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Top Transformers Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA and Worldwide

HERCO has a dedicated engineering team looking after new product development and introduction. We offer engineering design services for most kind of Transformers, Reactors and Inductor for various industry applications. Our design service includes man power resource. HERCO offers outsourced manufacturing services with or without product design services on a cost plus model for small and large volume of transformers.

Daykin Electric Corporation was started in as a control systems manufacturer involved in the design, build and installation of machine tool and process controls. Daykin Electric Corporation developed its first product, a transformer disconnect assembly, to power fluorescent lamps inside a control enclosure.

At par with latest trends and internationally certified quality standards, KOTSONS has been instrumental in formulating short and long term plans to contribute in the development and promotion of the Nation's key industries, particularly in the field of power and distribution. An ever growing geographical reach, market size and product range, coupled with efficient technology transfer programs, enables KOTSONS to offer the most adapted solution for every need, everywhere and with the same top class level of quality. A basic requirement for any transformer company is to deliver power to the consumer efficiently. At Kotsons we use the best carriers in the business to make sure that the order gets delivered to our customers worldwide on time. Working together with customer our quality, manufacturing and engineering groups work as a team to provide accurate, on time and damage free delivery of each Kotsons transformer. Kotsons has set up a complete quality management system to offer the best customer satisfaction. Nothing has a higher priority than quality in engineering, in manufacturing, in sales and in services. Please Click here to download Assesment Form. If you do not have Adobe acrobat, please Click here.

Transformer Company

Our power transformer manufacturing facility is divided into three major workshops: the electrical assembly operations, the mechanical welding and surface treatment painting operations, and the electrically isolated high voltage test laboratory. The automatically stacked legs are transferred to the core building area where the pallets of steel are ergonomically positioned using hydraulic tables to ensure that steel is not damaged during the stacking process. Finished cores, excluding the top yoke, up to 90 Tonne capacity are raised to the vertical position via a hydraulic table. The winding cylinders and spacer block assemblies are all manufactured in house for just in time supply.

Tailor-made and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, Siemens transformers provide power for industrial applications, in which current itself is a major resource — from steel manufacturing to electrolysis, from mining to offshore oil and gas platforms. Reliability and cost effectiveness are the main requirements to modern converter transformers.

Groupe celduc his implanted in Sorbiers 42 since …. Since , celduc transfo is the French specialist of customized immersed transformers and small series production. Search of electrical performance, isolation level, thermal sizing, protection factor… constitute the daily task of our designer team. Charging rate, installation conditions, surface treatment… all is taken in consideration for the transformer as built for a long time. We can manufacture low losses equipment, according to the U. Multiple characteristics of different types of windings are mastered. Tests All manufactured transformers are tested in routine tests according to the CEI 60 standard. Our tests platform can also realize typical or special tests such as : Temperature rise test, Noise level test, Lightning impulse test, Oil dielectric strength. The voltage level applied to the tested transformers can be until : kV for applied voltage test, kV lightning impulse test.

Richard A. Whitley, Transportation and Capital Equipment Division. TRANSFORMERS Transformer industry shipments are expected to continue an of the modular concept of coil winding and core block fabrication and assembly has enabled.

Transformer Manufacturing

Our products are built to meet or exceed both industry standards as well as customer specifications. We are an ITAR registered manufacturer specializing in small to mid-size magnetics, and we are capable of building custom electronic transformers up to 10 KVA. We have provided transformer manufacturing services for over 30 years, and we also provide advanced electronics manufacturing services EMS. Explore the various transformer types available through us, as well as the industries we serve. Consists of magnet wire turned around a form, which enhances the magnetic field created when

Top Suppliers. This article lists the top transformer manufacturers in USA and globally. Transformers are devices that modify electrical current and voltage levels from one circuit to another by the use of magnetic induction. To assist in locating suppliers of transformers, we have created summaries of top suppliers in the United States and worldwide, based on several dimensions. Below is a table of transformers suppliers in the United States. Sales are in millions of US dollars. BDI , located in Cleveland, Ohio, distributes transformers as well as automation systems and components. Triad Magnetics offers custom magnetics as well as standard magnetic parts.

Transformer Company. We serve as an extension of our customer's Engineering staff to design, develop and manufacture custom transformers, as well as, off the shelf designs ranging from Class 2 Control transformers through 25 kVA single phase and 15 kVA three phase isolation power transformers. The PARC team can deliver with the most complete and extensive inventory of new and used transformers and parts. Transformers is a media franchise, produced by American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy.

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