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Industry fabrication carpets and carpet products, floor paths

Industry fabrication carpets and carpet products, floor paths

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Carpet Concept develops surfaces for rooms. They are the hallmarks of the interior, and enhance the overall effect of the architecture. Floor coverings, woven carpets and wall structures are created in accordance with techniques of true craftsmanship; because Carpet Concept upholds a tradition of manufacturing second to none. The company discovers new paths for innovative products with new materials and unusual applications: reliable and authentic.

The Rhinelander has been an office carpet specialist for a good 20 years now and has first-class knowledge of the market. He has architects and interior designers as partners ensuring that he designs new products with an overall perspective. Carpet Concept sets standards in the market. Designs are created, tested, modified and manufactured here. The region is well-known for its particular qualifications in this area: since the start of the 19th century, Thuringia has been one of the major centres of fabric manufacture in Europe.

After German reunification, Thomas Trenkamp discovered this weaving wonder and made the mill a think-tank of the future. With the growth of Carpet Concept and the integration of the carpet factory into the company in , the factory became the centre of product development.

Carpet Concept is passionate about inventing new woven carpets. The brand stands for innovative technologies and pioneering design. Which is why Carpet Concept is just as well known for its exceptional products as it is for its inquisitiveness and technological inventiveness. The company founded by Thomas Trenkamp in Bielefeld in has become one of the trendsetters in office carpeting. Surprising structures, unusual designs and sensitively compiled shades are hallmarks of the collection: They are credible, authentic and lasting.

The products are international in design, durable in quality and convenient in terms of use. The range of classics on the market and more than 80 design awards bear witness to this.

A weaving kitchen has been integrated into the historic complex of the Carpet Concept Factory. Here customers, architects and planners can enjoy an evening of cooking with Carpet Concept employees.

In one of the old factory buildings that looks onto the pattern loom and the museum, guests can enjoy the experience of cooking together and unwind in a relaxed atmosphere as they talk about craftsmanship, design and technology. Together with partners, the company invites you to go on a voyage of discovery through the history of weaving and to the nearby birthplaces of the classical modern age.

See all. On behalf of Domotex, we took a look the carpet market and conducted a series of trend analyses. Carpet specialist Carpet Concept specialises in providing holistic solutions. If you think textile design is, well, a little two-dimensional, think again. Contemporary producers of high-quality woven materials for interiors are busy exploring all sorts of innovative directions in terms of materials, processes and applications.

Eine Jury aus Textile Spaces showcases the repositioning of the Carpet Concept brand as a trendsetter for esthetically and acoustically effective interior design.

The corporate book presents the new brand image with extended corporate values and the relaunch of. Exceptional in color and durable in use, Carpet Concept textiles create harmony or highlight individual interiors. With next Gen, Carpet Concept is using parametric models in carpet development for the first time. Kitchen Bath Wellness. Sanitaryware Kitchen. Interior lighting Outdoor lighting. Textiles Parking systems Floor Wall. Materials Doors Windows Staircases Building construction.

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CAS Turn. Concept Carpet Concept products. Carpet Concept Bac Catalogues by Carpet Concept. Woven Passion Carpet Concept 49 pages. Werkbuch Carpet Concept pages. Mix Carpet Concept 40 pages. Carpet Concept projects. Carpet Concept Friedrichshafen, Germany, Carpet Concept Herrenberg, Germany.

Freese shipping group Reedereigruppe Freese. Carpet Concept Stade, Germany. Neue Messe Stuttgart. Carpet Concept Germany. IdeenBotschaft Grey Group Germany. Carpet Concept Radevormwald, Germany.

Carpet Concept product references. Microsoft Center Berlin. Salewa Headquarters. Hamburg, Germany. Carpet Concept articles. Architonic Domotex Carpet Concept: Rethinking spaces. Looming Large: innovation in new textile design. Simon Keane-Cowell Carpet Concept news. Carpet Concept: Goldener Schnitt. Carpet Concept Ausgezeichnete Kollektion. Carpet Concept: iF communication design award Carpet Concept Textiles. Carpet Concept Acoustic System.

Carpet Concept: next Gen. Carpet Concept fairs.

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But what exactly are green floor coverings and how do you as a consumer make an environmentally sound decision about them? Non-renewable materials are those that come from sources that once depleted, are gone forever. In addition to green flooring products, there is another category called sustainable. Sustainable flooring products are those that that minimize impact on the environment at each phase of their life cycle. Unlike some industries, the flooring industry has put considerable time, dollars and research into designing and manufacturing a wide variety of great looking green and sustainable products.

Global Carpets and Rugs Industry

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Satisfying 8x10 wool area rug washing

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Carpet Concept

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PVH - Contract Carpet Tiles, Modular Carpet and Vinyl Flooring experience in serving the international contract and project flooring industry. Our specialisation in carpet tiles over the years has resulted in a broad range of products that meet the With solid manufacturing expertise behind us, we pride ourselves on our  Missing: paths ‎| Must include: paths.


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Global Carpets and Rugs Market Report 2018: Annual Estimates and Forecasts 2016-2024

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