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Fabrication fiberglass and articles thereof

The present application is a continuation-in-part of U. The present invention relates to fiber reinforced resin matrix composites, and more particularly, to an fiber reinforced composite spar for a rotary wing aircraft having enhanced structural properties, a method for facilitating the manufacture thereof and a spar forming apparatus useful in fabricating the composite spar. Typically, a leading edge sheath and trailing edge pocket assembly mount to and envelop the spar thereby yielding the desired airfoil contour. The spar typically extends the full length of the rotor blade and mounts at its inboard end to a cuff assembly or fitting which facilitates mounting to the hub member. Due to the extreme operational loading environment of the rotor blade, high strength, high density materials such as aluminum or titanium have, in the past, been the materials of choice for spar construction. More recently, however, fiber reinforced resin matrix composite materials, e.

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US2750321A - Antennas and material for fabrication thereof - Google Patents

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DEA1 Verwendung eines Polyesters zur Herstellung von Formteilen mit einem niedrigen Gehalt an extrahierbaren Verbindungen Use of a polyester for the production of molded parts with a low content of compounds extractable. DEA1 Producing a three-dimensional structural element, comprises spraying a material of the three-dimensional structural element onto a shaping device for forming the three-dimensional structural element in a powdered manner. CAA1 High wear-resistant nylon composite material for rollers on airport freight vehicles and preparation method thereof. EPA1 Shoe press belt for papermaking. EPA1 Process for producing alcohol soluble urethane resin composition, polyurethane porous body, and moisture permeable film. EPA1 Cellulose resin composition and cellulose resin film.

US2750321A - Antennas and material for fabrication thereof - Google Patents

In one embodiment, the metal-coated sheet material is impregnated with a resin. According to embodiments of the invention, a metal is applied to one or two sides of the fabric or veil by a physical vapor deposition coating process. Materials used in the fabrication of component parts in the aerospace industry must have certain characteristics to protect the parts from damage or hazards caused by common environmental occurrences. If lightning strikes a wing component of an aircraft during flight, the event has the potential of causing a dangerous surge current in addition to causing serious physical damage of the component itself. The surge current is particularly concerning because it may eventually come into contact with a fuel reservoir causing an explosion to occur. As a result of an actual fatal plane crash caused by a lightning strike, the Federal Aviation Administration FAA implemented a system to categorize various zones for commercial aircraft based on probability and severity of being struck by lightning.

CA1316679C - Fiberglass and polyester fabric, and articles made therewith - Google Patents

This application is a divisional of U. Provisional Application Ser. The entire disclosures of U. The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass fiber reinforced article, and to a glass fiber reinforced article. Composite structures made from fiberglass material impregnated with a cured, thermoset resin are known for manufacturing articles such as spas, tubs, recreational vehicles, auto body panels, and marine components such as boat decks and hulls. The composite structures are sometimes referred to as fiberglass reinforced articles.

A purpose of the invention is to provide a material of the above description which is particularly adapted to the fabrication of antennas for sending and receiving radio and radar waves.

The invention belongs to the field of so-called technical fabrics, that is to say fabrics whose applications are mainly industrial. The invention more by-ticulibrement relates to a fabric based on fibers suitable for the manufacture of composite articles useful as external structures. At present, there is concern increasingly finding new lighter and stronger materials, even in very severe conditions. These technical problems are particularly crucial for the manufacture of external structures of aircraft, such as fairings, cowlings, doors and others. It is known that the field structure of an aircraft are subject to very wide temperature variations. They reach C in effect at altitude and sometimes go up to 70C on the ground. It is therefore endeavored to find the composite materials for the manufacture of such external parts, which are able to withstand such temperatures while possessing sufficient mechanical characteristics al-linked to a unit mass as low as possible. It is therefore a need to ensure the longevity and safety of outdoor structures, specia-bly aircraft, to develop materials free of such drawbacks, yet possessing properties at least equal to regard the unit mass General and mechanical properties. DSNs Ia technique for obtaining glass fibers, also referred to frayed glass fibers.

US4474636A - Fabrication of composite articles - Google Patents

No wonder, the port is booming in this sector and at Seair, we better understand how to benefit you from this welcome opportunity. We comprehend the fact that majority of import firms in are active in sourcing distinct ranges of products including raw materials, machinery and consumer goods etc. Hence, we provide comprehensive import data solutions for broad categories of import trading firms. Our fiberglass reinforced plastic import data solutions meet your actual import requirements in quality, volume, seasonality, and geography.

China Manufacturer. South Korea.

Thomas: In your letter, received November 2, , you requested a tariff classification ruling on behalf of Graboplan regarding fiberglass roofing panels. A sample of the material that comprises this merchandise was submitted with your ruling request. In your letter you indicated that the roofing panels consist of woven fiberglass coated with polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE. You stated that the products consist of approximately 60 percent woven fiberglass by weight and approximately 40 percent PTFE by weight. According to the information submitted with your ruling request, the fabricated fiberglass roofing panels are produced in Hungary using fiberglass fabric that had been shipped from the United States to Hungary. You suggested that the merchandise should be entitled to a partial duty exemption under subheading However, subheading Subheading In this instance, the processing of fiberglass fabric into fabricated roofing panels that takes place in Hungary is a substantial transformation.

Fiber reinforced articles such as glass fiber reinforced furfuryl alcohol resin articles are Prefabricated self-supporting panels and manufacture process thereof.


Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. Effective date : A method of fabricating laminate articles. A plurality of support templates are arranged to define a part outline corresponding to the laminate article. An outer surface of a primary panel to is secured to the plurality of templates. A secondary panel is arranged in a desired relationship with the primary panel. A vacuum bag is secured to the primary panel to define a vacuum chamber. A vacuum is applied to the vacuum chamber to remove air from between the at least one primary panel and the at least one secondary panel.

GST Rate & HSN Code for Glasses, Mirrors, Flasks - Chapter 70

Account Options Prijavite se. Federal Register , Opseg 45,Izd. Odabrane stranice Stranica Stranica Nevada correction Committees establishment renewals terminations.

US6777043B2 - Fuse tube and method of manufacture thereof - Google Patents

This application is a continuation of U. Provisional Application Ser.

US Cellulosic pulp fibers; stitching yarn of at least two compositionally different fibers having different heat stability; partially melt-bonded at points of contact. US Ceramically reinforced structural materials and method of making same.

This is a division of application Ser. This invention relates to novel binder compositions useful in the fabrication of composite articles such as fiber reinforced composite articles.

The present invention relates generally to arc-quenching compositions and articles formed therefrom and more particularly to a fuse tube construction which is easily manufactured utilizing inexpensive materials and that exhibits excellent strength and arc-quenching properties for operation over a wide range of currents. Fuse tubes for medium and high-voltage electrical fuses wherein circuit interruption takes place within the fuse tube requires high strength and arc-quenching properties.

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